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Summer In Bucharest: 10 Things To Do For A Refreshing & Rejuvenating Vacation In 2019!

If you are planning to visit Europe, then, definitely consider visiting Bucharest especially during the summer. Romania’s capital Bucharest is often looked down when it comes to tourist visits and fun. But that is not true at all. While traveling around people do visit this place for a day or two. Well, there are some reasons as to why this place can be your perfect destination for this vacation. Though it is not so famous among the people and here we are going to discuss about some of the most significant attractions of the place that will compel you to visit. In fact summer in Bucharest is a lot more fun.

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Bucharest during summer so as to have a soul-stirring holiday and add these experiences in your itinerary!

1. Bucharest Food Tour

Bucharest Food Tour

The Romanian tour is one of the best experiences one can have while being at Romanian. You can try all kinds of local and another cuisine during this tour. Simply fill your heart with such lip-smacking dishes. Some of the famous foods available here include bacon, goats, pork, pepper, sweets, cheese pie, bread. You can be sure that it would take you more than 3 hours to cover the entire place. The local delicacies can be tried while passing through the Bucharest food market which is actually a part of this entire food tour. Apart from that guests would be given a complimentary drink as a part of their way to welcome. This is one of the summer festivals in Bucharest.

Location: Romanian Food Market

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2. Bucharest Market Tour

Bucharest Market Tour

Among all the other summer activities in Bucharest, this is one you would prefer more in case you love food. This can be a completely different kind of experience, especially for them who would like to grab sight of the local culture and cuisine. This Bohemian Market tour is simply worth giving a shot once. One can try the ‘mici’ snack or the local beers from different breweries nearby. This tour does not just include street foods and other spots but also does include other prominent locations including the university square and strada batistei. This tour is actually not like any other normal tour because there are no real boundaries or limitations. This is where you can get hold of the local street food covrigi. The next step would be the Obor market. The different food includes meat, local cheese, season special vegetables,doughnuts, beer, and bread.

Location: Bohemian Market

3. Parks


Bucharest has some of the local wondering places where you can spend some time as you want. Locals usually spend a lot of time at the beach or at these parks. The biggest park is that of the Herăstrău lake. The biggest park is this Herăstrău. The wonderful sight scene will completely take you back. The beautiful park along the lake is a perfect place to visit with friends and family. Either visitors can hire a boat or they can visit the museum close by. Some of the other places nearby include the Botanical garden. These are a couple of free things that can be done here.

Location: Herăstrău

4. Pool And Bowling

Pool And Bowling

These two are very common activities that one can try while being in Bucharest. There are a number of places that do offer bowling and pin. Most of the malls do have these for the entertainment of the tourists and then the locals. However, one such place is the trick shot at promenade mall. So, if you are planning a vacation in Bucharest then look forward to experience these activities for a unique vacay!

Location: Promenada Mall

5. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

These are completely new kind of work that one can try doing while being on a vacation. Being a completely new concept, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to go out and spend some time with your family or friends. This is a lot of fun to do. Here, you would be locked up in a room and will have to solve some problems. These solutions can be made only by teamwork, thoughts, and patience. A completely adventurous kind of experience can increase your heartbeat or make your blood rush.

Location: Banului Street

6. Visit The Palace Of Parliament

Palace Of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament is on one of the largest building in the entire world. This huge building covers a great amount of location. The entry of the place is guided by the tour facilities available in the place. There are a number of tours available here. Those visiting here should carry their passports along with them. The different tours would include the standard tour of the rooms and the halls. This tour would take around 45 minutes to get over. The building is actually the place for all official and governmental procedures that goes on in the state.

Location: Bucharest, Unirii Blvd

7. Snagov Monastery


Tiny Snagove Island is home to Snagov Monastery and is a great place for resting. This small stone church dates back to the 15th century. You can reach here by boat from the village and resort along with the shore. The amount is not too costly. This is a wonderful place where you can visit and enjoy the history and culture of the place. And if you are looking for peace of mind and soul, then that also you will get here!

Location: Snagov Islad

9. Cişmigiu Garden

Cişmigiu Garden

This place has some of the shady walks, lake, cafes. The benches placed within the park is where you can sit in the evening and relax while watching people passing by and observing the locals. During the months of summer, you can rent a boat and try paddle boating in the pond. The park is famous for boating. It also has a number of fountains and a popular restaurant in the park.

Location: Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta

10. Former Ceauşescu Residence

Former Ceauşescu Residence

This is actually the residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. This is around a decades year old. Some of the major attraction includes the cinema located in the basement of the cinema. One can reserve a tour of the place by prior booking. The overall environment is really nice. The renovated model and the art includes a range of styles ranges from Louis XIV to art deco. This one really feels sterile and stuffy though the overall environment is good.

Location: Bucharest

1. Since the city is rich in history, do visit places like museums.
2. Don’t forget the experience the great nightlife of the city.
3. If you are a street art fan, then, you must look towards popular street arts there while holidaying.
4. Don’t stop exploring as the city is full of hidden gems.
5. Go on city tours.

These are some of the best places and the best things that one can try while being at Bucharest. However, this is not just all and there is a lot more to it. There are a number of other places that one can visit while being in Bucharest itself. One needs to explore more of the local culture, cuisine, and environment. The summer temperature in Bucharest is not quite high, but, yeah it is the perfect time to enjoy nature. So, plan a trip to Europe, head to Bucharest and enjoy the summery vibes!

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4 Amazing Places To Visit Near Lake Bratan Bali For 10 Days Tour

For all those seeking a perfect escape from the monotonous life, Bali is a flawless tourist spot to hop on and adorn the hidden gems greatly offered to all. One such magical place is Lake Bratan well surrounded by tropical forest. Adding up to that, one could look into the other wonderful places to visit near Lake Bratan Bali for 10 days trip.

Above all the popular tourist attractions, lake Bratan is the most beautiful place, being located in Tabanan Regency of Indonesia. The serene place offers turquoise water, peaceful aura, and mesmerizing view points of the Island of the Gods. The property comprises of an ancient temple, namely Ulun Danu Bratan on the rainbow shores of the lake. It is known to be dedicated to the hundu gods, Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The religious has brought a substantial increase in tourism on the promised land. Also, Balinese Hinduism spread all over the seven regencies of Bali. Moreover, gazing silently at the marvellous temple being reflected in the uprising freshwater lake Bratan is a treat to sore eyes.

Once you have been to Lake Bratan, look out for other escading places to visit nearby such as East Coast Bali, Ubud, Java, and Gunung Batukaru. East coast is a heavenly place to have a peaceful weekend with your life partner rejoicing the coolbreeze along with love in the air. All the lovely couples would not want to miss it out on their most romantic Island tour. Gunung Batukaru is popularly known as an inactive volcano on the peak of the second largest mountain in Bali. The major hindu pilgrimage site stands out to be one of the most daring and exciting places to visit in Bali. Java is an Indonesian cultural hub featuring a mix combination of ancient temples, marvels, volcanoes, and cultural and heritage sites being located to the west of Bali. Although if you are seeking to interact with the locals and know about Bakinese traditions, Ubud is the place to explore, for sure.

One might find enormous amount of incredibly structured places to visit in the heart of Bali Island. Out of all, the top most places to visit near Lake Bratan Bali for 10 days tour are provided below. Read along!

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1. East Coast Bali


Kayaking in East Coast Bali will give you an experience of lifetime as the place is a combination of peace and fun! Kayak through the breathtaking views of coast and enjoy a peaceful and serene experience. You can also watch the sunset from here for an unforgettable memory!

Price: Starting From INR 2053

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2. Ubud


Encircled by lush green mountains, Ubud is another romantic place to see in Bali. Famed as trade and craft centre of Bali, Ubud boasts of terraced paddy fields, rainforest, heritage temples and famous Elephant Cave.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Java


To the west of Bali lies the cultural hub of Indonesia Java. Thanks its myriad temples, architectural marvels, crude Indonesian culture & heritage, and a handful of volcanoes Java is rightly called the mini Indonesia. Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Malang, and Bogor are the famous cities of this traditional island near Bali. The ancient Hindu temples of Borobudur and the Sultans place are embodiments to the royal Indonesian culture.

Distance from Bali: 613 km

How to reach: On a ferry from Bali

Things to do in Java: Sightseeing, exploring the monuments & temples, witnessing the cultural performances, and hiking

Serene, pristine, idyllic, spectacular, adventurous, and what not- Hopping on to these neighboring islands of Bali makes up a perfect romantic holiday. So, what are you waiting for- Don’t think too much and plan a trip for some island hopping in Bali and let us know your experiences.

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4. Gunung Batukaru


This is an inactive volcano in the island of Bali and also happens to be the second highest mountain of the place. It has an altitude of 2,276 meters.

The Mawa river in this region flows through an opening at the southern end of the crater, this is also the largest volcano crater of the island. Mount Batur is one of the popular site of Hindu pilgrimage in Bali. This place is also famous for its beautiful sunrise and sunset views. It offers a large number of options for hotels to stay in. This area is very popular with resident expatriates and land with Bali mountains accommodation prices which comparatively less than those of others of the same type.

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Here, we have listed marvelous places to visit near Lake Bratan Bali for 10 days trip with your loved ones. As, now you would be knowing all about the ‘Abode of Gods’, book a ticket to Bali, without any further delays.

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8 Exotic Wedding Venues In Sri Lanka That Let You Take The Vows With Love, And Amidst Luxury

Often called the land of dreams and magic, Sri Lanka is one of the most picturesque places on Earth that is perfect for every special occasion, especially weddings. Apart from being a famous tourist destination, people have been off-lately rushing to this island to make their wedding affair into a dreamy fairytale. Be it an intimate beach wedding or a royal affair, this island has some of the best Sri Lankan wedding venues to cater to every need for that one perfect wedding.

These luxurious wedding venues in Sri Lanka have open their doors to make that dreamy space for the to-be couples to take their vows together amidst the pristine beaches, and tropical warmth of the island.

1. Avani Kalutara Resort

Pool view in resort

For the couples planning a dreamy beach wedding, Avani Kalutara Resort offers a perfect backdrop and luxury. Resting on a peninsula, this resort is encircled by lush-green gardens and a private beach adorned by fringed palm trees. This is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Sri Lanka and its contemporary architecture and scenic outdoor space can equip at least 200 people along with a ballroom which can equip around 600 people.

Rating: 4.3/5
Tariff: INR 4,800 onwards
Location: St Sebastian Rd, Kalutara 12000, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

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2. Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo

Exchange those special vows standing at this island paradise in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon Lakeside is settled at the heart of the Colombo city which has a fairytale like ballroom, an Earls court and even a scenic waterside garden along which also has a two-storeyed boathouse. This is one of the picturesque wedding venues in Sri Lanka which makes a perfect place for a beautiful garden wedding with the view of the lakeside complemented by little lights reflecting on the water.

Rating: 4.5/5
Tariff: INR 9,200 onwards
Location: 115 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

3. Shangri-La Colombo

Shangri-La Colombo

Image Credit: Shangri-La Colombo Official Website

If a fancy island wedding is in your mind, then Shangri-La Colombo is the place you should head towards in Sri Lanka. Settled at the heart of the buzzling financial district, this luxurious wedding venue in Sri Lanka gives an uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean along with a pillarless ballroom to make room for at least 1500 guests.

Rating: 4.5/5
Tariff: INR 15,200 onwards
Location: 1, Galle Face, Colombo 2, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

4. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Swimming pool view

Located just in the proximity of the bustling region of Colombo, the Cinnamon Bey Beruwala makes a great venue for a nature wedding in Sri Lanka. Its out of town location and grandeur makes this venue perfect for an outdoor ceremony in the gardens of the sea with a Bedouin theme which creates a beautiful set-up to take those eternal vows.

Rating: 4.3/5
Tariff: INR 8,300 onwards
Location: Moragolla, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

5. Shangri-La Hambantota

Beautiful Place

Image Credit: Shangri-La Hambantota Official Website

Experience a lavish destination wedding in Sri Lanka at this Shangri Las Hambantota resort and spa. With a picturesque venue, this luxurious resort is spread across an area of 59-hectare property. Starting off from a romantic beach wedding under the sunset to the glittering cocktail party at the tropical gardens, this place offers everything under one roof.

Rating: 4.5/5
Tariff: INR 14,500 onwards
Location: Sittrakala Watta, Chithragala, Ambalantota, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

6. Cinnamon Lodge Habaran

Dining table

Celebrate your special day amidst the rustic surroundings of a safari only at Cinnamon Lodge. This quirky wedding venue binds together the natural ambience and the ancient architecture which makes a perfect royal indian wedding in Sri Lanka, and what can be more beautiful than a mandap with earthy lamps with a scenic lake just beside that.

Rating: 4.5/5
Tariff: INR 10,600 onwards
Location: 02 50150, Habarana Roundabout, Habarana, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

7. Jetwing Blue

Luxury room view

Image Credit: Jetwing Blue Official Website

Creating a beautiful wedding venue for an isolated ceremony amidst the blissful views of nature, the Jetwing Blue is located at Negombo away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Giving a exotic blend of contemporary and stylish settings, this gorgeous beachfront property gives all the gorgeous views to cherish for a beach wedding in Sri Lanka.

Rating: 4.4/5
Tariff: INR 5,900 onwards
Location: Porutota Rd, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka
Website | Review

8. Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa

Image Credit: Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa Official Website

For an aesthetically artsy wedding decor, the Weligama Bay is one of the best wedding venues in Sri Lanka. The newest addition to the luxury hotels in the country, this lavish venue offers a stunning view of the beach and an easy access to the Galle fort and blue whale watching hubs. While it makes a beautiful location to make those vows with your partner, this place also ensures that the wedding guests have a leisurely time staying at this place.

Rating: 4.6/5
Tariff: INR 8,800 onwards
Location: 700 Matara Road Pelana, Weligama 81700, Sri Lanka
Website |Review

Did you find your venue to take the vows of lifetime with your amour? If not, then take your pick from these awe-inspiring wedding venues in Sri Lanka before all the wedding chaos starts and book one of the best Sri Lanka holiday packages with TravelTriangle to seal your love amidst the most picturesque landscapes of the island.

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3 Mind Blowing Places To Visit Near Sanur Beach Bali With Kids

Wondering about a magical hamlet to explore? Bali is totally the one you would have been looking for. Being a paradise of temples, monuments, beaches, coastlines and lush green fields, it has proven out to be the greatest gem of Indonesia. It is renowned to be home to maximum divine diversions, including the beautiful Sanur Beach. Adding up to that, there are other incredible places to visit near Sanur Beach Bali with kids on an excursion to Bali.

Sanur Beach is one of the oldest and most splendid beaches situated on the east of Denpasar at the southern edge of the Bali Island. It has been known to be visited by travelers from Europe in large numbers being fascinated by the exquisite village. Along with the scenic beauty, Balinese cuisine served at the lavish restaurants are a party for your taste buds. One could also rejoice in the lively land well surrounded by tropical forests offering picturesque views. Dance your feet off in the happening jazz events and funky parties on the beachfront. Yo would surely not want to miss out the opportunity to have an exciting weekend here.

While you are at the beach, many more attractions to be explored nearby are Denpasar, Seminyak, and Gunung Lempuyang. On the east coast of Sanur Beach, Denpasar is a divine place amazing all with the panoramic sunset views of the celestial city. SEminyakon the other hand is a great chance for the backpackers to witness the diversified cultures and traditions of Balinese. Wander around the vibrant streets, interact with the locals, and shop exclusive items for your loved ones. And if you are a mountain person, get going to the Gunung Lempuyang. It is a spiritual home to the vulnerable ancient temple, Puru Lempuyang Luhur. Do not miss out any of these amusing hotspots in the province of Bali.

One could enjoy an exceptional family vacation at the mesmerizing beachfront complemented by other significant places to visit near Sanur Beach Bali with kids. Read all about them!

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1. Seminyak Beach


If you are looking for a luxury Bali getaway, the Seminyak beach town is the perfect place to hit in Bali. The place is filled with the best beachside resorts, trendy restaurants that offer local and international cuisine and world-class pubs where you can literally party all night. The tiny settlement of Seminyak is crowded during the peak seasons but October is just when the crowds start to thin, making it one of the essential places to visit in Bali in October.

Location: South Bali
Best Known: Restaurants and Food

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Places To Visit In Bali In October

2. Gunung Lempuyang


Pura Penataran Agung is situated on the slope of this mountain at a height of 600 meters above the sea level. Mount Lempuyang is also known as Mount Lempuyang Luhur and happens to be one of the very famous sacred points of the island. This mountain gives you the chance to climb or trek to the Pura Luhur Lempuyang and offers you awesome views. Pura Luhur is one of Bali’s nine directional temples and hence is of great significance to the Balinese culture, religion, and heritage.

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Bali Mountains

Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Denpasar


Denpasar has a fascinating history and whole lot of Dutch influence. This is the main center of culture and activities in Bali. With its white sand beaches, this region provides the perfect spot for the famous Bali sunsets and a thrilling surfing experience. There are restaurants and tiny cafes lined up serving an International and traditional cuisine.

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As now you know among enormous attractions, Sanur Beach is a major site on the promised land. Also, if you are here, make sure to look upon the places to visit near Sanur Beach Bali with kids. So, what are you counting on? Plan a trip to Bali, straight away.

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5 Breathtaking Things To Do In Seminyak Bali For A Great Vacay!

Bali is a glorious destination and is well-known worldwide for its beaches, mountains, waterfalls and many other picturesque landscapes. It is also famous for shopping spots, art markets, clubs and bars. It is visited and loved by tourists from different parts of the world. Bali is home to people from different religions and countries which makes it multicultural. To sum up, Bali is a destination you can’t afford to miss out on.
Seminyak is a beach resort area in Southern Bali and features various hotels, resorts and restaurants. It is famous for Seminyak Beach, Potato Head Beach Club and Nyaman Gallery. There are numerous things to do in Seminyak Bali such as shopping for handicrafts, paintings and souvenirs, watching Cabaret Shows and trying Balinese Spa. To help you out, here’s a list of the best things to do in Seminyak Bali!

Bali is one of the best destinations in the world, if you are heading towards Bali, you should definitely try Balinese food. These are the most popular things to do in Seminyak Bali. Have a look!

1. Handicrafts


Apart from local produce, Bali also promotes its artisans and their commendable talent by bringing the spotlight on the goods crafted by them. They continue to be one of the best things to shop in Bali for every traveler who visits here. From vintage furniture to handmade terracotta, these handicrafts are the utmost essentials to buy when shopping in Bali, if you plan to take the real slice of Bali to your home!

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2. Cabaret Shows


Glamour and extravaganza of cabaret shows are a must-see on your visit when experiencing nightlife at Bali for a hatke evening. These cabarets combine songs and music, drag queens and stunning acrobatics for a show that would be hard to forget. Do take out time to watch at least one of such sizzling events.

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3. Refreshing Massages At Away Spa


W Hotel Bali Seminyak features a 24 hour spa which lets you pamper yourself at any hour of the day or night. The spa features a great range of detoxifying packages for complete relaxation and rejuvenation of its guests. Escape into the world of complete bliss as Away Spa adds a Balinese spark to both your body and soul!

Read More: What’s Special About The W Bali Seminyak

Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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4. Visit The Seminyak Beach


Seminyak Beach is one of the most stylish and upscale beaches at least in Bali, if not in Indonesia. The area around this beach usually has a great nightlife scene because of places like Legian and Kuta. Also, it is home to Bali’s famous ‘eat street’ which is full of great restaurants.

Read More: Places To Stay On Lovina Beach

5. Skydome Super Club

Night Club View

Skydome Super Club is a leading nightlife hotspot having 7 different venues in its 5 floors. Famous performers like Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Blasterjaxx, Diego Miranda and Maddix have performed here, it is a great place to enjoy EDMs and DJ Tunes. Also, it serves some refreshing wines and other drinks.

Read More: Bali Hiking Tours

Found the list of things to do in Seminyak Bali interesting? All these activities ensure a good time in Bali. There’s a lot to try and visit here, you just need to know the best time to visit a particular place or to try a particular activity. Planning trip to Bali? Make sure you have added places like Ubud, Kuta, Denpasar, Jimbaran Regency and Badung Regency to your itinerary as these are considered as some of the best places here. So, don’t wait, plan your vacation to Bali and make some memories that last forever.

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Kalutara Travel Guide To Explore This Adventurous Place In Sri Lanka

The west coast of Sri Lanka is full of many scenic, uncrowded beaches and an assortment of convenient and peaceful locations. One such nice place in the west coast of Sri Lanka, is Kalutara. Also known as Kalutota, Kalutara is a lovely coastal town.

Kalutara in Sri Lanka is a very popular tourist attraction site and a peaceful coastal retreat. This town has a lot of sea setting locations as well as rich in the intriguing history. Be it the food or the cultural hotspot centers or beach bound activities, Kalutara has it all.

It is perfect for a family holiday and if you are looking for a detailed Kalutara travel guide, then you have come to the right place. Let’s discuss in detail, the things that you can do in Kalutara as well as other necessary information.

Kalutara beach

Kalutara or Kalutota, is a coastal town in the west coast of Sri Lanka and is the perfect spot for a nice family vacation. The town holds some lovely beaches, where you can go to enjoy some peaceful time in nature.
Kalutara has a lot of heritage sites, which speaks of the rich history and ethnicity of the place. Starting from ‘Kalutara Chaitya’, a Buddhist worship place, which consists of a hollow stupa, the only one in the entire world. There are other attractions like the Richmond Castle and the Asokaramaya Temple.

The Calido beach is a must visit, when you go for vacation in this lovely place and there are many beautiful and luxurious beach resorts that you can dwell in while on your stay in Kalutara.

Not only this, you will find some of the best and freshest seafood in Kalutara. Starting from lobster to cuttlefish and many other fish delicacies. Mangosteen, a juicy fruit with a fleshy white core and a purple cover is native to this region and Kalutara is the biggest hub for producing Mangosteen.

Go through this Kalutara, Sri Lanka travel to know more in detail about this lovely, exotic location.

Best Time To Visit Kalutara

Weather in Kalutara is pretty consistent al throughout the year, although you may come across monsoon season in summer and the winter months are comparatively dry. So, you can visit Kalutara almost any time of the year as the temperature remains pretty constant throughout the year.

Kalutara has a lot of tourist attraction sites and sea side locations worth exploring. Here we have gathered a list of 10 best things to do in Kalutara. Take a look at the list to know more.

1. Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle

Image Courtesy

Richmond Castle is a beautiful two storey mansion, located in Kalutara. This mansion was built during 1900 t0 1910 by a wealthy philanthropist, Don Arthur de Silva. This stunning building has a stunning architecture, with Burmese teakwood construction, colored glasses from Scotland and beautiful Italian tiles. This construction speaks of the lavish architecture of its time. The exquisite frames and pillars adds to the charm of the place. The castle, presently is maintained by a public trustee and is open to all the visitors.

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2. Asokaramaya Temple

Asokaramaya Temple

Asokaramaya is a Buddhist temple, built during 1870s and situated in the town of Kalutara. The temple was built with the idea of providing a home to the disciples of Aluthgama Sangharatne from all over the world. The temple is decorated very beautifully with various intricate structures and lovely murals of Lord Buddha, adorning the walls of the temple. There is a hall where the sermons are preached, a drawing room, a bell tower and a Bodhi tree. There is a lot to explore in Asokaramaya temple.

3. Kalutara Chaitya

Kalutara Chaitya

Located just to the south of the Kalutara Bridge, Kalutara Chaitya is a must see, when you are visiting Kalutara. The temple is situated right on the edge of the northern entrance of the city and holds immense historical value. Kalutara Chaitya is the first temple to hold a hollow stupa. Gangatilake Stupa, as it is known, is the only hollow stupa in the entire world.

4. Calido Beach

Calido Beach

Image Courtesy

Calido Beach is another beautiful place that you should visit on your trip to Kalutara. The Kalu River, which runs through Kalutara ultimately falls into the sea, resulting in a spit of land between the Kalu River and the sea. The water here comes in gentle waves and quite shallow giving visitors the opportunity to take a dip in the water.

5. Fa Hien Caves


Fa hien caves also known Pahiyangala, is situated in Kalutara. It is a major tourist attraction spot and legend has it that the caves have been the living spot for a Chinese travelling monk named Fa Hien. The caves are also a place of archeological interest. Archeological excavations have unearthed many skeletal remains of pre historic humans in this place. The caves are located on the top of a cliff and you might need to climb a few stairs to reach the top and find the cave.

6. Brief Garden

Beautiful Garden

Brief garden is a very beautiful garden stretch in Sri Lanka, near Kalutara. The garden has developed over a stretch of 5 acres of land and is home to many old trees and bushes. This beautiful garden is divided into different sections, each comprising of different theme. This lovely garden is the perfect place for some nice photography.

7. Kechimalai Temple

Kechimalai Temple

Image Courtesy

It is the island’s first mosque. Built near the sea on a hill, this mosque has been the worship spot for the ancestors of the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. With Arabian styled architecture, Kechimalai mosque is the oldest and first mosque in this country.

8. Boat Ride in Kalu Ganga River

Boat Ride

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet you can go along a boat ride on the Kalu Ganga River. The ride will take you along fishing villages along the west coast of Sri Lanka, where you can explore the waters more closely.

9. Kalutara Bridge

Kalutara Bridge

Under the British, Dutch and Portuguese influence, Sri Lanka has seen the development of many historic sites. Kalutara Bridge is one such significant landmark originated during the colonial period in Sri Lanka. It is the connecting link between the western and southern borders and a must visit location.

10. Koggala Sea Turtle Conservation

Turtle closeup view

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If you love Turtles then you can head to Koggala on a day trip from Kalutara. The Koggala Sea Turtle Conservation Project gives you the opportunity to learn more about these creatures and you will love spending time with these adorable marine creatures.

Train view

Travelling to Kalutara is quite simple and there are many ways in which you can reach this lovely coastal town.
You can reach the place by Train, which is one of the most convenient way to reach Kalutara. The train journey takes you along the Southern Coastal line and the view along your route is simply stunning. Kalutara has two stations. The main station located near the town Centre and another one on the North of the town.

If you opt for a bus, then there are many public as well as private buses that run along Galle road. You can catch a bus from Galle Road or from the main bus station in Fort.

You can also rent chauffer driven vehicles or take your own private vehicle and drive to Kalutara.

Journey Luggage Bag

As like any tropical region, you can expect the whether to be balmy and humid. Keeping this thing in mind, pack your clothes accordingly along with swim wears. Take plenty of light clothing with you and pairs of slippers or sandals.

You can also carry sunhat and sun shades to protect yourself from the sun rays. An effective sunscreen is a must have along with insect repellents.

Visa And Currency

The currency that runs in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupees. If you are visiting from outside of Sri Lanka, make sure to exchange your money for Sri Lankan Rupees.

Also if you are a British citizen then you need to have a valid passport to visit here. The minimum time period on your passport should be 6 months from the entry date and you also need a visa.

Here you have a detailed guide on Kalutara. Enjoy a hearty stay and visit all the beautiful locations on your trip to Kalutara, Sri Lanka. And to do that perfectly, book a trip to Sri Lanka with your loved ones right now!

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