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Get Married In Style At These 10 Top Maldives Wedding Venues In 2019

The Maldives is known for its zeal and exuberance when it comes to romantic things. And what can be better than having your wedding at a place like this! With turquoise ocean around the island, white sandy beaches and exhilarating sites, you can be sure that it doesn’t get any better than to get married in one of the resplendent Maldives wedding venues.

With many options to choose from, we have compiled a list that can help you decide the destination based on your budget, audience, and many more factors. Check this out!

  • Kuredu Island Resort
  • Meeru Island Resort
  • Vilamendhoo Island Resort
  • Sun Aqua Vilu Reef
  • Cinnamon Dhonveli
  • Veligandu Island Resort
  • Baros Maldives
  • Conrad
  • Niyama Private Islands
  • Kuramathi Maldives

1. Kuredu Island Resort

Kuredu Island Resort

Image Credit: Kuredu Island Resort Official Website

Situated on the northern reef of the island, this sedative place is a perfect choice for a candidly romantic wedding. With many amazing features like ceremonial sets for the wedding, an authentic Maldives ring shell, a romantic villa for the couple with quite an elaborate decoration, a relaxing spa and much more, this resort leaves nothing behind in terms of preparation and offering you the best wedding you can possibly imagine.

Location: Lhaviyani Reef, Maldives
Starting price: INR 135000/-

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2. Meeru Island Resort

Luxury bed

Situated on the Meerufenfushi island, this resort makes sure that the wedding is untouched by any people outside the guest’s list. Accessible through a speedboat, this island is surrounded by photographic lagoons and primaeval white sand beaches. The scenery itself is quite alluring and makes for a perfect companion for setting the vibes for the wedding.

Location: Meerufenfushi Island, Maldives
Starting price: INR 120000/-

3. Vilamendhoo Island Resort

Vilamendhoo Island Resort

Situated in a small tropical island called Ari Atoll, this resort takes your breath away with its beauty before you even reach it. Surrounded by reefs, blue lagoons, dazzling sandy beaches and lush tall palm trees, the resort is nothing short of heavenly. The staff is very friendly and has a plan prepared for getting you well dressed and ready to make you and your wedding look even better.

Location: Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives
Starting price: INR 135000/-

4. Sun Aqua Vilu Reef

Sun Aqua Vilu Reef

This is a dream location. Situated on the Vilu reef of the Maldives, the wedding set here is on a beach itself. With splashes of waves caressing the white sandy beach while youre exchanging your vows on a traditional set, this is as candid as you can get with magnificence. The place also offers some extra entertainment like traditional Maldivian Boduberu and some dance performances.

Location: Vilu Reef, Maldives
Starting price: INR 180000/-

5. Cinnamon Dhonveli

Awesome place

The place itself is quite a popular attraction. Situated on the Kaafu Atoll, this private island leaves nothing short of expectations but only comes up elevated. With a romantic backdrop, they make sure to make the wedding as heavenly as possible. With many facilities for everyone like water sports, spa, pool, private beaches, a special candlelight dinner for 2 on the beach, and much more.

Location: Kaafu Atoll, Maldives
Starting price: INR 135000/-

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6. Veligandu Island Resort

Island Resort

Sitting on the northern Ari Atoll, this exclusive resort is known for its marvellous surroundings and extravaganza of activities. With an out of this world lagoon and world-famous house reefs, this place will surely be embedded in your mind for its beauty. The Resort also offers many activities to do like water sports, scuba diving, sailing and much more. It also has a world-class spa for its guests.

Location: Northern Ari Atoll, Maldives
Starting price: INR 160000/-

7. Baros Maldives

Beautiful place

This award-winning hotel is the prime example of providing luxurious personalized services with top-notch quality and ambience. Situated on a private island which is just half an hour away from the capital, Baros leaves no leaf unturned in making sure its guests experience the best time of their lives. With traditional proceedings of Maldivian Boduberu, you can choose to have your wedding on either the beach or the lighthouse.

Location: Baros Island, Maldives
Starting price: INR 200000/-

8. Conrad

Beach view

Voted the best hotel in the world twice, that much should be enough to convince anyone of the grandeur and services provided at this magnificent hotel. Joined by a beautiful footbridge, this enormous resort is set on two private islands. Many things are included in the package like gazebo d-cor, bridal makeup and dress, photographer and more.

Location: Conrad island, Maldives
Starting price: INR 245000/-

9. Niyama Private Islands

room view of the lavish doc

With the world’s first underwater nightclub on board, the luxury offered at Niyama Private Islands in Maldives along with a fine butler service cannot be compared to any other destination. One of the best wedding venues in Maldives, this place has lavish beach pool villas and reviving water villas with a pool. The in-house restaurant and spa therapies are surely worth trying here!

Location: Olhuveli, Kudahuvadhoo Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives
Starting price: INR 39,000/-

10. Kuramathi Maldives

beach side venue

An unparalleled experience of luxury is what Kuramathi in Maldives has to offer all its guests. The fact that there are 12 dining options at this island resort speaks all about its lavish atmosphere including the 3 outdoor pools at the property along with a soothing spa. If youre looking for one of the best beach wedding venues in Maldives, then surely this is the place to go.

Location: Kuramathi, Ari Atoll, Maldives
Starting price: INR 47,000/-

Getting married in style is a dream everyone shares. So why not make this dream a reality? With everything covered from the budget to the amenities provided, book a trip to Maldives and choose from a range of Maldives wedding venues.

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3 Attractive Places To Visit Near Masjid Negara Malaysia For Your Vacay!

Malaysia is one of the most loved destinations in the world, it is very famous for its beaches, rainforests, national parks and mountains. It is very rich in cultures and traditions and that’s one reason why you get to taste some delectable food here. Malaysia has no dearth of great places to visit and amazing things to do and that’s why you should visit this spectacular destination at least once in your lifetime!
Masjid Negara, also known as the National Mosque of Malaysia is the most significant mosque in the country located in the capital city- Kuala Lumpur. It is a perfect example of the ancient architecture of Malaysia and conveys a lot about its history and heritage. There are a lot of places to visit near Masjid Negara Malaysia such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Tower and Sultan Abdul Samad Building. To help you out, here’s a list of the most popular places to visit near Masjid Negara Malaysia!

Did you know that Malaysia is the most popular country in terms of coastal tourism! It is a country rich in diversity, flora and fauna. A vacation here will be a spellbinding experience. Have a look at the list of places to visit near Masjid Negara Malaysia!

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1. Petronas Tower Sky


Worlds once tallest buildings, Petronas Twin Towers now claim the spot of worlds tallest twin buildings with their towering height of 452 m. Beautifully designed with Islamic-influenced architecture, Petronas Twin Towers primarily hold headquarters of Petronas Company and corporates like Barclays, Boomerang, IBM, McKinsey & Co., Accenture, and Reuters. The 88-storey buildings are connected by a double-decker sky bridge between the 41st and 42nd levels.

There are the Science Museum, Petroleum Museum, Petronas Concert Hall and other attractions that interest global travellers and tourists in Petronas Towers. Also, there are several things to do, and the most amazing one is looking over the whole city from the Petronas Towers Observation Deck, which set on 86th level. The double-decked skybridge offers mesmerizing views, along with the thrill of walking between two towers. The concert hall hosts some of the worlds most respected musical talents and orchestras. The romantic vibe of the Petronas Tower makes it one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur for couples.

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2. Menara Kl Tower A Rapunzel-tower


Menara KL Tower is a prominent Kuala Lumpur tourist spot in Malaysia. Though just 421 m in height, it houses the highest viewing deck in Malaysia. At 276 m, it is around 100 m above the one in Petronas Twin Towers. The spectacular views and prime location of the Menara KKL Tower sees to it that people notice and remember the imposing tower. Erected over the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, it is surrounded by age-old trees and fauna which are indigenous to Malaysia.

The overall design of the tower resembles a towering palace from several fables, most prominent being the tower castle from Rapunzel. The architectural style represents the vibrant Islamic heritage and the perfection of a human life. The walls of the tower are dotted with Islamic tiles, Arabic scriptures, and abstract patterns.

The tower houses the famed Atmosphere 360, the revolving restaurant as its crown. Hailed to be the classiest eat-out place in Malaysia, the restaurant offers authentic and continental cuisines. Also, the tower boasts of an amphitheatre, a couple of cascading pools, several fast food restaurants, and so much more.

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3. Sultan Abdul Samad Building A Spectacular Heritage Site


Built in 1897, Sultan Abdul Samad Building is one of the oldest Moorish style buildings in KL. Today, even though it doesnt hold any official importance, the building is one of the most visited tourist places in Kuala Lumpur. Its undefinable grandeur and rich heritage make it a historical landmark in the city.

Constructed entirely of bricks, the landmark building features strong, western and Moorish influences in its architecture. There is a wrap-around imposing porch, complete with 42 m high clock tower, towering arches, curved portico topped with copper domes. Named after the then reigning Sultan of Selangor, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is one of the truly remarkable places for Kuala Lumpur sightseeings and draws in a lot of history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. It is an ancient architectural art of Neo-Mughal style located in Kuala Lumpur, it was inaugurated in the year 1897 and was renamed after Sultan Abdul Samad in 1974.

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Excited to explore these places to visit near Masjid Negara Malaysia? These places are very attractive and eye-catching. They are some perfect spots where you can get your photos clicked. Apart from these, there are many other places like Batu Caves, Taman Negara and Jalan Bukit Bintang which you should visit as they are the major tourist attractions in Malaysia. That’s not all, there’s a lot more to explore here. Now that you know there’s so much to do in Malaysia, what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation to Malaysia with TravelTriangle now and enjoy your holidays. Never let your memories be greater than your dreams. Keep travelling and making memories!

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13 Best Things To Do In Almaty, Kazakhstan That No One Told You About!

While Kazakhstan might not be a place you would have fancied to visit one day in your life, it’s gorgeous and quaint city of Almaty should definitely be. Once a capital of the country, the city continues to flaunt its vibrant charm and attract a zillion number of tourists even today. From cozy cafes to extraordinary museums, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do in Almaty with your loved ones. In fact, even if you plan to go solo, believe us, the city and its locals will welcome you with utmost warmth and surprise you with perfect experiences.

Here’s a handy list of the most amazing things to do in Almaty for a holiday experience like never before. Take notes for an impeccable and a hassle-free experience!

1. Visit Kazakhstan Museum Of Arts

Kazakhstan Museum Of Arts

One of the best places to visit in Almaty is the Kazakhstan Museum Of Arts. This place has the best art collection in the whole country. From Kazakh to Russian art along with a room that has all the modern Kazakh handicrafts, this place offers a good glimpse of the city’s culture and history. Whether you are a history buff or an ordinary explorer, you’d be pleased to visit this museum.

Location: Satpaev St 50а, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan
Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (closed on Monday)

2. Climb Kok-Tobe Hill

Kok-Tobe Hill

If heights and a bird’s eye view of the city is what tickles your fancy then the Kok-Tobe Hill is where you need to be. The place offers a thrilling cable car ride that takes you from the midst of the mountains with the beautiful vineyards below. Besides, there are shops, restaurants, a children’s playground and a zoo as well. This is a perfect place to visit for a full day trip with your loved ones.

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Timings: NA

3. Explore First President’s Park

First President's Park

Are you an admirer of the natural beauty and the local culture? If yes, then this place is meant for you. From enjoying a calm walk to attending fun concerts at the amphitheatre, there’s a lot that you can do here with your loved ones for a fun-filled evening. The park is located in the southern part of the city and is surrounded by the most mesmerizing views, which further adds on to the reasons for visiting this place.

Location: Bostandyk District, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Timings: NA

4. Dine At Chukotka Bar


Offering an impeccable insight into the nightlife of Almaty, Chukotka is a famous place to be. Most of the rock bands and DJs who perform here are one of the most known and create an energetic atmosphere. You can let your hair down and enjoy the rhythms of the music over some amazing drinks. And as far as the crowd is concerned, fret not because it’s as hip and happening as this club.

Location: Gogol St 40, Almaty 050021, Kazakhstan
Timings: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM from Monday to Wednesday, and 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM from Thursday to Saturday

5. De-Stress At Arasan Baths

Arasan Baths

Whether you have read about the Soviet society or not, one thing that you probably would have an idea about is their love for spa and wellness places. The famous Arasan Baths located near Panfilov Park are a result of exactly that. You can head here for a luxurious and relaxing time to de-stress and rejuvenate yourself after a tiring sightseeing tour.

Location: Тулебаева, д.78 (уг.ул., Айтеке Би), Almaty, Kazakhstan
Timings: 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM

6. Pray At Central Mosque

Central Mosque

While there’s no dearth of mosques in Kazakhstan, this one in Almaty calls out for a visit irrespective of whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or not. Visiting this beautiful mosque is one of the best things to do in Almaty on your holiday for a soul-satisfying experience. All you have to make sure is to dress up in a decent attire with your head, arms, and legs properly covered.

Location: Pushkin St 20, Almaty 050002, Kazakhstan
Timings: NA

7. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Almaty in winter, ice skating at Medeu is an experience you ought to have during your trip if you’re visiting in the colder season. Located in the mountains, a bit outside of the city, this is one of the famous skating rinks in the world that offer spellbinding views of nature’s bounty around apart from the soul-stirring experience.

Location: Gornaya St 465, Almaty 050020, Kazakhstan
Timings: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (closed on Monday)

8. Take A Photo At Big Almaty Lake

man standing near Almaty lake

The Big Almaty Lake is one of the top hangout spots for locals, especially for a picnic. Also known as Bao, this lake is situated in the Tien Shan mountains and serves as a major source of drinking water to the city’s residents. Due to this very reason, swimming or even going near the water is strictly prohibited. However despite that, it still makes up for a cozy place to hang out with your loved ones in a huge group and soak in the sunshine.

Location: Ili-Alatau National Park, Almaty 050065, Kazakhstan
Timings: NA

9. Stroll In Zhibek Zholy Pedestrian Street

Zhibek Zholy Pedestrian Street

With so many things to do in Almaty, Kazakhstan, there will surely be a point when you’d want to explore the city at your own pace. Offering a perfect experience exactly like that, the Zhibek Zholy Pedestrian Street is a perfect place to stroll at whether it’s day or evening. Dotted with cozy cafes, entertaining street performers, and a number of artisan shops, this street brims with life throughout the day. In short, there’s plenty for you to explore.

Location: Zhibek-Zholy Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Timings: NA

10. Learn Music At Kazakh Museum Of Folk Musical Instruments

Kazakh Museum Of Folk Musical Instruments

Located at the Panfilov Park, this museum in an epitome of everything that defines mind-boggling and splendid. Not just witnessing the most iconic musical instruments, but you can also hear a fine collection of traditional Kazakh instruments here such as wooden harps and bagpipes. Besides, what really makes this museum extraordinary is that you can take a class to learn an instrument too.

Location: Zenkov St, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan
Timings: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (closed on Monday)

11. Take A Ski Lift At Shymbulak Ski Resort

Shymbulak ski resort

There are 3 ski lifts at Shymbulak Ski Resort. The highest one goes upto 3200 metres above the sea level. If you’re planning to ski in the day and are confused about where to stay at in the night, there’s a hotel at the resort that you could crash in. Located in the upper part of Medeu Valley, the resort receives a vast amount of snow through winters from November to May.

Location: Gornaya St 640В, Almaty 050020, Kazakhstan
Timings: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

12. Relive Nomadic Past At Huns Ethno Village

Huns Ethno Village

If you seek to learn about the nomadic history of ethnic Kazakhs, make a beeline for Huns Ethno village. The ancient mountainous village is famous for horseback riding, among other adventures. The place offers spectacular views of the mountains and is bustling with several traditional Soviet-looking hubs and Kazakh yurts. The locals will be more than happy to demonstrate the traditions and customs of the Kazakhs to you.

Location: Talgar district, Kazakhstan

13. Celebrate Falcon Hunting Festival

Kazakh Air Astana flights

Falcon Hunting Festival in Kazakhstan encapsulates the emotions and passions of Kazakh hunters. A hunter derives immense pleasure from the tandem of a hunting bird and a dog. The Sunkar nursery, which operates near Almaty in the Alma-Arasan gorge, works with almost every kind of hunting bird. Eagle hunting was practiced in the central and northern regions of Kazakhstan.

Air Astana flights

Air Astana has resumed daily operations, and with the launch of 2 additional flights starting 2nd September 2019, they will now be operating 11 times a week offering even more onward connections. You can now make the most of this special offer by Air Astana and plan your trip to the biggest metropolitan city of Kazakhstan. Transit passengers can also visit Nur – Sultan and Almaty hassle – free in their journey with Kazakhstan’s 72-hour transit visa-free regime. You can now also apply for an e-visa before traveling to Kazakhstan. The process is very simple!

All of these things to do in Almaty are so mind-boggling and enchanting at the same time that you wouldn’t regret even for a second. Not just Almaty, but Kazakhstan has a number of other gorgeous cities too that await you with never-seen-before-like places and experiences. With that said, it’s no doubt that planning your next trip to Kazakhstan will help you explore some of the coolest offbeat destinations.

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3 Cafes In Cengiling, Bali That Will Make You Go Crazy

One of the major reasons that make a place more attractive and tourist-friendly is its food. From the small stalls lining the street, serving the world-class food to the big bars to enjoy the romantic evening with your partner while sipping on the world’s best wine. Want to experience heaven in your mouth? Check out these alluring cafes in Cengiling, Bali to give your taste bud a treat. Bali has always been a dream destination for many of us and there is no reason to wonder why. The place has been evolving since it got into the eyes of the people for exploring and so has the food. With the coming time, many bars and cafes were built to give shelter to tired souls temporarily by feeding them with different cuisines and shakes.

The warm and friendly atmosphere of a cafe makes it feel like home. You can peacefully enjoy running through the words of your favorite book chilling in the cafe or enjoy live music. Combining the different cuisines of the world into one single cafe and keeping a wide variety of options in front of its customers have made Bali a place worth exploring. Bali has been embracing Indian culture in one way or the other. The great temples, the food, and cafes majorly on Indian cuisine has lifted up its image further.

You can opt for traveling by road. Take a bus from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and reach Bali, it may take approximately a day and is considered to be a long and tiring journey. The most convenient way to land to Bali is to take a flight. Ngurah Rai International airport and Denpasar International airport are the two airports that bring foreign tourists to the place. Bali is a dream destination for travelers and therefore to help more people come and witness the beauty of Bali, there are a lot of connecting flights.
You can also travel by sea if you have the budget, there are many luxurious cruises that take their way to Bali through South-east Asia.

The months April to October experiences light rainfall, low humidity and therefore cool wind blowing and soothing the traveler’s soul. A lot of sunshine falls on the traveler’s and fill them up with happiness and enthusiasm. Bali is considered to be a year-round destination but the best time to visit Bali is during the months from April to October. The months of July and August experience an increase in rates in hotels, resorts, and villas due to Easter. If you are thinking to go smooth on your pocket avoid visiting Bali during the peak season.

These are some of the best cafes in Cengiling, Bali where you can relax and enjoy good food. These places in Bali are all about good times.

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1. Hard Rock Cafe


Much famed for its rock-theme ambience and music, the Hard Rock Cafe in Bali is one place you can hang out at any time. Their inclusive Bar menu provides for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but above all, the American cuisines they have will satisfy your taste buds to the fullest. The best time to dine here is at night since they also have live performances going on at that time. Of all the restaurants in Kuta, Bali, this one is every travelers favorite!

Cuisine: American
Timings: 11:30 AM to 1 AM (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun) ; 10:30 AM to 2 AM (Fri, Sat)
Cost for Two: 600,000 IDR with alcohol (INR 2,875)
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5
Location: Jl. Pantai Kuta, Banjar Pande Mas, Kuta, Bali
Website | Reviews

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2. Bukit Cafe


This cafe is famous for providing food to visitors to several nearby beaches such as Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, and many other sister beaches. Mainly populated by surfers the who day around, the cafe quite a wide range of local and intercontinental food.

Location: Labuan Sait, Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, Pecatu, Bali

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Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Cafe Chapati


Cafe Chapati in Indonesia is a one nice casual dining or Indian snacking place. You can choose to have freshly baked Indian chapatis with curries, biryanis, quick Indian snacks or just be there to have your cup of masala tea with some tantalizing Indian quick bites. The restaurant serves vegetarian as well as meat thalis. Service is very quick and satisfying.

Must Try: Biryani Rice, Egg curry
Location: Jl. Kunti I No. 6C, Seminyak, Bali
Cuisines: North Indian

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Wine and dine at some of the best cafes in Cengiling, Bali and satisfy your taste buds with the multi-cuisine and different variety of shakes that the cafe has to offer you. Plan a holiday to Bali with your loved ones and spend some quality time in the beauty of nature.

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Delve Into These 10 Best Things To Do In Badulla For Exploring Sri Lanka

Badulla is the main city of the Uva Province in Sri Lanka. A popular name among the locals and foreigners due to being an eye-catching and adventurous tourist destination in the island country, it facilitates countless avenues for entertainment. Enriched with its diverse and exciting tourist attractions, this tourist destination has many attractions to explore thus you have unlimited things to do there. You must plan a trip Badulla, Sri Lanka accordingly by adding cities nearby the major city Colombo and other popular attractions visited by the international travelers.

Tourists from all over the world visit this location to assess its magnificent sceneries that include mountain peaks, plateaus, plains and waterfalls amongst others. In fact, tourists have much to explore there from the natural beauty to the geographical diversity of this region. Its traditional cultures, palm sandy beaches and astonishing man-made articles are other attractions to evaluate during a Sri Lankan tour. As you have avenues to involve in several things to do in Badulla that starts from watching the wilderness of the rare flora and fauna to the vast greenish cover of the tea plantations to historical sites and region’s old traditions, your tour becomes a memorable one. To keep the guests and locals hooked, eateries and restaurants always remain ready with the delicious dishes in a calm and peaceful ambiance.

Although there are a number of things to do in Badulla, which make your visits worthy, we have enlisted the popular ones. Your involvement in such things in your Badulla visit will surely become an unforgettable experience for the lifetime.

1. Ella Rock

Ella Rock

If you are looking for a notable place to watch the sunrise, then there is no better place than the Ella Rock in Badulla, Sri Lanka. The popular hike offers you dramatic views from the mountain’s peaks. One of the best tourism sites to travel in the island nation, the Ella Rock is located at the Ella town. With scenic beauty, it has become a great answer to the travelers who expect some true astonishment. If you want to get connected with hiking, nature, panoramas, train tracks, tea plantations and waterfalls et al, then this destination is definitely a great choice. Ella Rock always offers best opportunity to the travels to discover an entire area where one can involve in the hiking activities or simply walk to enjoy good times.

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2. St Mark’s Church

St Mark's Church

Located in the central ward of the Badulla Municipal Council, the St. Mark’s Church is an Anglican church in Badulla, Sri Lanka. Plan your visit to this Church so that you along with your family and friends have a peaceful day out as a tourist. Former rulers of the erstwhile Ceylon, the British had developed Badulla that became an excellent place consummating with horse ridings, golf grounds and tennis courts. The surroundings of this Church looks amazing with its lush green and peaceful atmosphere.

3. Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

Also called the Bridge in the Sky, the Nine Arch Bridge is a bridge in Badulla, Sri Lanka with its historic significance. Apart from the epic scenery and hikes, the colonial-era railway construction of this bridge became a famous tourist attraction and is still visited by large chunk of visitors. It was constructed by a local Ceylonese builder, P. K. Appuhami, in consultation with the British engineers. Located at the height of 24m, the beautiful nine arches of this bridge make it a very picturesque spot due to its location of a dense jungle and agricultural setting.

4. Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls

Located about 5 km far from Badulla town in Sri Lanka, the Dunhinda Falls is a popular waterfall which attracts the locals and tourists alike. This 64 meters high waterfall is Sri Lanka’s one of the most beautiful ones as well. The fall is named from the smoky dew drops spray, which surrounds the city at the foot of the waterfall. You can plan a trip here anytime and throughout the year, but June and July remains the perfect time for its exploration. This waterfall is about 1.5km away from the entrance gate. To reach to the fall, you are supposed to cross this 1.5km muddy path, where vendors sell snacks along the trail. Buy some for fun.

5. Kataragama Devale

Kataragama Devale

Badulla Kataragama Devalaya is an archaeologically protected monument, located in the Badulla area in Sri Lanka. This ancient devalaya is dedicated to the Sinhalese deity Kataragama Deviyo. With its typical South Indian Tamil style architecture, this historic monument has been receiving countless number of visitors each day and throughout the year.

6. Muthiyagana Vihara

Muthiyagana Vihara

One of the popular things to do in Badulla is also to plan a visit to Muthiyagana Vihara, which happens to be the largest Buddhist complex in Sri Lanka. Although it can be visited round the year, it is advised to explore this attraction during the Buddhist festivals time. People following different religious faiths or beliefs keep flocking here to enjoy watching the famous elephant parade festival.

7. Dhowa Rock Temple

Dhowa Rock Temple

Situated in the central mountains of the Uva Province, the Dhowa Rock Temple is a protected heritage site in Sri Lanka. Its name Dhowa has been taken from a small, ancient village namely Dhowa, that is situated in the Badulla region. The Temple not only houses a tall statue of the Buddha but also is carved in the rock face and apparently unfinished to seek everyone’s attention. Plan your trip by adding a visit to Dhowa Rock Temple part of your personalized Badulla itinerary and discover the cave shrine that features the Buddhist murals.

8. Wewessa Ella Waterfall

Wewessa Ella Waterfall

Flows during the rainy season, the Wewessa Ella fall is 22m in height. The main source of water of this fall is a tributary of the Bathulu Oya (Bathulu River). With the colonization and illegal logging, this waterfall is in danger of drying up now. Therefore, Sri Lankan government agencies have started taking measures to do best efforts to protect it from getting dried up. You should keep its visit in your itinerary during your Sri Lanka exploration of its tourist attractions.

9. Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam's Peak

Little Adams Peak is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Its name came after the sacred Adams Peak of Sri Pada. In the Sri Pada, you can find the footprint of the Lord Buddha. Located in 1141 m in height, this peak is also popular as Punchi Sri pada. You along with your family and friends can have a panoramic view here. In fact, it could be priceless for you if you can plan a visit to this place in the morning hours while the clouds roll in.

10. Ella Spice Garden

Ella Spice Garden

Ella Spice Garden is one of Ella’s most renowned sites in Sri Lanka. While exploring the attractions of this city, you can enjoy having best of Sri Lankan and Asian foods and delicious in and around Ella Spice Garden area restaurants. In the meantime, you can pamper yourself with the cool evening breeze too. Most eateries prepare high quality, tasty and fresh food at reasonable rates. As this scenic garden looks amazing you would love to spend quality time here.

With all these amazing things to do in Badulla planning your tour Sri Lanka and delve into these amazing experiences. Don’t forget to discover the olden monuments and historic locations that speak louder about the golden era of this region. Indeed, your trip becomes meaningful here with avenues to involve in many activities that turn your Sri Lankan tour a great option to explore the island nation as a tourist.

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An Amazing Toubkal Circuit Guide To Trek Along The Thrilling Trails!

If traveling is your passion then trekking should be on the list. You might have had small treks but have you had a long trek where you can find all the beauties of the world? If no, then you must at least once visit, Toubkal Circuit in Morocco. The trekking takes 6 to 8 days as it depends on the trekker, but no matter how many days it takes, the entire journey is filled with scenic beauty and you will get to experience the rural village culture of Berber villages as well.

From the first day of the trekking to the last you will barely feel bored or not having any energy because as the trail gets tough you will have more opportunity to snap some of the amazing photos of the place. At the end of the tour, you will get to rest your legs in a cafe and enjoy a steaming cup of mint tea.

Toubkal circuit about

The Toubkal circuit, Africa is a fun adventure and you will be able to bring back precious memories home always. The Toubkal circuit is surrounded by the Atlas mountain range, which runs through the length of Morocco. This place is also 90 minutes’ drive from Marrakech and there are fifteen peaks which are about 3,800 meter in a closed area around Mount Toubkal and it’s of 4,167 meters. The entire area is filled with natural beauty and you will find the best treatment from the local Berber villages here.

The entire trek takes 6 to 8 days, and the real highlights of the place are the beauty of the wilderness around. There is the famous lake Ifni with its deep blue water at the height of 2,321 meters and it’s the only lake in these mountains. You will be passing from the sides of Tizi n’Ououraine and Tizi Likemt which will grant you the best view of the lake and the surroundings as well. If you want to experience the Berber village culture then you will get homestay there and enjoy the best hospitality and the culture of the village people.

If you are planning on staying in Morocco then you certainly can, you just have to ask your tour manager about the settlement. You can always have two nights stay at the Berber village guest house or you can choose the accommodation option at a boutique raid as well. The entire trek in the Atlas Mountains does not require any special skills at all. You can be a novice and still can make the trek all by yourself. However, you have to stay at the top of 3000 meters thus, you might get altitude sickness during this time, but for that, you need to stay fit, from beforehand. You need to have the acclimatization here and so you can avoid the high altitude sickness at the top.

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cost and duration Toubkal circuit

The cost on this trek is affordable enough and you can plan accordingly. For one person it will be 595£, for 2 to 3 people 350 £ per person, For 4 to 7 people 295 £ per person, for 8 to 12 person group 270 £ per person. The cost includes, guide, English speaking mountain guide, Berber cook, full meal on the hike, stay at the Berber village, round-trip transportation fee, camping materials.

The things don’t include the cost are, travel insurance, soft or hard drinks, personal expenses, and tips. The duration of this trek is 6 to 8 days, but most people try to finish this in 5 to 6 days, but if you are looking for leisure journey, then it might take more days. The accommodations on the way are mainly in mud houses or in the tents.

best time to visit Toubkal circuit

You have to remember that you are about to have a trek in the Atlas Mountains, thus the cold atmosphere does matter. So, you have to keep in mind the time of the trekking which is from June to the end of the October month. If you plan on going there from November to May, there will be winter at that time, and you need to carry ice-ax crampons will be needed as well. If you are looking for the perfect time to arrive here then it will be the early summer, when the wildflowers are in bloom and you will get to see various animals as well.

While you are having this trip there are so many sightseeing options available in Morocco, Africa. One of the best places are mentioned below. Take a look!

1. Jebel Toubkal

Jebel Toubkal

This is the highest mountain present in Northern Africa. It has an elevation of 4167 meters, and to follow the mountain is the best way you can have the Toubkal circuit. Travelers visit this place the entire year around and get the best view to snap some pictures from here as well. The side trip of Jebel Toubkal is really amazing and you can have the finest weather if you are there at the peak times.

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2. Berber Village

Berber Village

Get to experience the Berber village while you are trekking through the road. During the walk, you will pass by the ancient villages that always provides the travelers an insight of their traditions and rich cultures. You will get to see the mud brick houses, children playing with the river water, local man lining his sheep herd at the side of the road, and you will feel that not a thing has changed in here over the century. Have two nights stay at the village and acquaintance with the village culture and you will experience something new and unique at the same time.

what to pack

Pack your essential equipment like,

  • Sunglass
  • Sun-cream
  • Camera
  • Sleeping bag
  • Head Torch
  • A first aid kit
  • Water purifier
  • Toilet tissues
  • Water bottle.

Pack these things by making a list if you are forgetful, this will help you remember the things properly.

Tips for travelling

  • The Toubkal circuit travelers are sectioned in groups if you are going with an agency. So you can have less luggage.
  • If you are independent try to have less luggage as well, and keep a map with you all the time. You can have a guidebook with you too.
  • You can buy supplies from Marrakech and at the side of the road, you will get restaurants and cafe.
  • You can drink the water of the natural spring and be assured that the water is pure enough.
  • Try tasting the local food called the Tajines. This is a slow cooked soup and it will definitely bring back the taste in your mouth and give you energy for the next day walk.
  • Remember as it’s in the mountains, so you have to stay in the mud houses or hostel in Toubkal circuit, and they are not highly comfortable, but they deliver the purpose at least.
  • You will get discounts if you are traveling with people in a group.

So here we pointed out the essential details of the Toubkal circuit, and you can have all the important tips from the above-mentioned points always. Thus, pack your bags, book your trip to Africa and have a splendid journey at Toubkal circuit in Morocco.

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Top 5 Places To Visit Near Legoland Malaysia For An Exciting Vacay!

Malaysia is a superb destination and is known for its rainforests, mountains, authentic food, beaches and national parks. Also, it is a perfect destination for all kinds of holidays, whether it be a solo trip, a family trip, a romantic trip or a trip of a group of friends. If you are heading towards Malaysia for a vacation, you must try the authentic Malay food.

Legoland is a chain of family parks focusing on the toys manufactured by LEGO, if you are looking for some adventure in Malaysia, you should visit Legoland. Apart from this, there are a lot of places to visit near Legoland Malaysia such as Japanese Garden, Science Centre, Sembawang Hot Spring and Many more. To assist you, here’s a list of places to visit near Legoland Malaysia!

Are you a foodie? If you are then there’s a lot for you in Malaysia. You may try tempting dishes like Apam Balik, Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Lemak. Have a look at the list of the most scenic places to visit near Legoland Malaysia!

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1. Japanese Garden



Built in 1974 by a JTC Corporation, this is an opulent garden located on the island of Jurong Lake and is considered as one of the best places to visit in Jurong East. Spread over 13.5 hectares, this is a picturesque, manicured garden with stone lanterns, rock arches, and bridges. Also known as Seven, this garden has gazebos where people can sit back, relax and enjoy the surreal beauty of their surroundings. Adjacent to it is the Chinese Garden, which is joined with the Japanese Garden by a beautiful bridge called the Bridge of Double Beauty.

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2. Science Centre



Apart from the Japanese Garden, the Science Centre is one of the most popular places to visit in Jurong East. This institution promotes scientific and technological know-how and awareness. A branch of National Museum of Singapore, this place was inaugurated in 1977. It features an array of scientific instruments, innovation replicas, models and journals. The extra-terrestrial observatory consists of a telescope, by the means of which people can see the position and movements of planetary bodies.

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3. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve



For nature lovers and adventure freaks, this is pure heaven. Spread over an area of 1.64 sq. km, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is perched on the Bukit Timah hill. It comprises of thick rainforests, tropical vegetation, and the country’s native flora. Ideal for camping, trekking, and hiking, this place is surely a must see in the Jurong East region of Singapore.

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4. Sembawang Hot Spring



The Sembawang Hot Spring of Singapore is situated between the Gambas Avenue and Woodlands Avenue 12 and the nearby Sembawang Road. Being one and only natural hot spring in Singapore, it receives the tourists around the year visiting from the worldwide locations. It has become a perfect spot for the cascading pool cum foot baths, luxurious seating areas and of course a café and a floral walk to make you feel rejuvenated. Spend good times in its scenic beauty during your Singapore visit to preserve its memories for the lifetime.

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5. Qian Hu Fish Farm



Qian Hu Fish Farm is famous globally as the world’s one of the popular farming, importing, exporting and distributing destination of ornamental fish from Singapore. Hundreds of species of fishes and millions of fishes literally pass through this farm that visitors witness closely. While exploring Yishun, you must ensure taking your family, friends and children to visit this farm where net fishing from the canals and streams remain exciting activity. And, your kids will surely experience their total excitement and joy of catching their own fishes with great fun. It is considered as a one-stop shop for farming, importing, exporting and distributing fish, it exhibits more than 1000 species of fish.

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Liked the list of places to visit near Legoland Malaysia? These places are so spellbinding that they catch everyone’s attention! You should visit all these places! Apart from these, there are many other places like Batu Caves, Bukit Bintang and Taman Negara which you should add to your itinerary. Malaysia is one of the best destinations in the world and a vacation here will be a breathtaking experience. Now you know that there’s so much to do in Malaysia, go ahead call your friends and family, and plan your vacation to Malaysia! Live to travel and travel to live. Plan your trip now and make some sweet memories that will stay forever with you!

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5 Things To Do In Karangasem Regency Bali For A Perfect Holiday!

Bali is one of the best destinations in the world, it features some of the best beaches in the world like Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Double Six Beach and Legian Beach. It is also famous for its authentic food, mountains, shopping spots, clubs and bars which makes it a lively destination. It is also a perfect mix of different cultures and traditions, and has people from various religions and countries.
Karangasem Regency is a regency located in East Bali, it is divided into eight districts and features a multicultural environment. There are numerous things to do in Karangasem Regency Bali such as visiting Mount Agung, trying water sports, experiencing Makare Kare Festival and much more. Karangasem Regency is famous for its ethnicity and history. To help you out, here’s a list of the most popular things to do in Karangasem Regency Bali!

Bali is one of the most visited destinations in the world and is visited by thousands of tourists from different parts of the world every year. Check out the list of the best things to do in Karangasem Regency Bali!

1. Mount Agung, Bali


The most sacred point in Bali, the active stratovolcano is the highest peak in Bali, standing majestically at a height of 3,031 meters. An awesome avenue of Bali hiking tour, it tempts all adrenaline junkies to climb the summit and conquer this beast. Just like Batur, this volcano too offers mind-blowing views of the sunrise from the top, along with with -eye-warming views of Mount Rinjani, the enormous Caldera Batur crater, and its Lake Batur, all bathed in the light of the rising sun. Travellers usually commence their trek from the holy temple of Pura Besakih and Pura Pasar Agung at the bottom of the mountain. This trek includes some of the toughest trails and is usually only suitable for the fit and sturdy hikers.

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2. Water Sports


Indulging in water sports is such a multi-benefit activity which will refresh you a lot and it is a must thing to do in this water-side area. In this city, there are a lot of water sports like snorkelling, white water rafting and submarine safaris which will give a refreshing start to your vacation. When it comes to adventurous water sports, there’s a lot in Bali! You can go snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing and surfing here.

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3. Makare Kare Festival


One can visit the traditional Balinese village to experience the rich culture and heritage of Bali. This festival is basically celebrated in honour of the glory of their god of war. You can spot in this festival exciting display of strengths while people try to play their art form and showcase the war culture and its scenes. It takes place in Candidasa and is popularly known as Perang Pandan.

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4. Goa Lawah Temple Ritual


It is a ritual of the people there to visit the goa lawah temple without any fail. Engaging in the same ritual will get you through the culture of the place in a more comprehensive manner. The interesting thing is that one can find a hoard of bats inside the temple.

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5. Fisher Boats


This is what makes this shore special as it is incredibly widespread for tourists with diving activities and shooting underwater aggregation. Along with this coast, there are several fishing boats lined up showing neatness. many folks around who worked as fishermen. additionally, to trying to find fresh fish, the boat is prepared to voyage you diving within the sea. This is undoubtedly a unique experience to have here with your loved ones as there is definitely more to this place than meets the eye.

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Liked the list of these things to do in Karangasem Bali? You should not miss out on any of these activities as each activity provides you with a different experience. Apart from these, you should also go for dolphin watching and try the authentic Balinese food as these are the most loved things by tourists in Bali! That’s not all, there’s a lot more to explore in Bali such as scenic places like Ubud, Badung Regency, Denpasar, Jimbaran Regency and Kuta. Now that you know so much about Bali, what are you thinking about? Call your friends and family, plan your trip to Bali now and enjoy your holidays! Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind and that’s why you should keep travelling and making memories!

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What Makes Grand Mosque Dubai Worth Visiting On Your Next Dubai Vacation?

While Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the epitome of beauty and Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai a gateway to peace, Grand Mosque Dubai in Bur has always remained the hub of Dubai’s religious and cultural life.

Visiting mosques in Dubai are the best ways to learn deeply about the Islamic traditions and architecture. Located in the historic district of Dubai on the western side of Dubai Creek, Grand Mosque boasts of architecture and the tallest minaret in the whole of Dubai.

What makes the Grand Mosque an attraction worth visiting?

There are simply two reasons which make this mosque worthy of a visit:

1. To admire the astounding architecture of the mosque which has been built in traditional Islamic style and its peaceful surroundings.
2. To take photographs of the mosque in the night when it is spectacularly lit up with lights.

grand mosque bur dubai

The Iranian mosque displays an impressive blue mosaic work which makes it worthy of a visit. There are five large Quranic inscriptions at the entrance. It has nine large domes and 45 smaller ones which exhibit fine geometrical carvings on them. The minaret is made in Altonian style. You will also find handcrafted wooden shuttering covering the windows.

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grand mosque bur dubai in day

  • In case you didn’t know, Grand mosque is the home to the tallest Minaret in Dubai. The mosque boasts of 70 m tall minaret which looks like a lighthouse tower.
  • The premises of the Grand Mosque has the capacity to house 1,200 people at one time for Namaz.
  • Non-muslims are not allowed inside the mosque where prayers are offered. However, they can enter inside the minaret to admire the architecture of the building.
  • Grand Mosque was built in 1900 as a school devoted to the study of Quran but it was demolished to make way for another mosque. It was not till until 1998 when the mosque was rebuilt in traditional Islamic architectural style.

entrance of grand mosque bur

Grand Mosque Dubai Location

Opposite Dubai Museum, Near Ruler’s Court Office – Ali Bin Abi Taleb St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How to reach Grand Mosque Dubai

The mosque is located in the Bur District of Dubai just opposite Dubai Museum. Al Fahidi is the nearest metro station to the mosque.

Grand Mosque Dubai Visiting Hours

Grand Mosque Timings are 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Grand Mosque Dubai Entry Fee

There is no entry fee for Grand Mosque Dubai. However, you can join a Grand Mosque Dubai tour combined with the Jumeirah Mosque to familiarize yourself with Islamic traditions and architecture. The Grand Mosque Dubai tickets around INR 500.

Grand Mosque Dubai Dress Code

The visitors are advised to dress conservatively to enter the premises. Head and knees should be covered. Women should wear long sleeves top and loose clothing.

Once you are done with you visit to Grand Mosque Dubai, you can also check out the nearby attractions in Dubai to have a fun-filled experience.

1. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeriah mosque in evening

It is the most photographed mosque in Dubai and should definitely make to your list of places to visit in Dubai. One of the largest mosques in Dubai, it also one of the few where Non-muslims are allowed. Hop on a joined tour of Jumeirah Mosque and Grand Mosque to learn deeply about the culture of Islam.

2. Dubai Creek

Dhow boat

One of the best things to do in Dubai in winter is hopping on a Dhow to enjoy Dubai Creek Cruise. If in the daytime, the place brings warmth, in the night you can enjoy the five-star lavish dinner on the cruise. The traditional boat called Dhow is fascinating enough to hop on the boat and take a ride.

3. Dubai Waterfall

Waterfall Setup Dubai Inside Interior Design

If you too are baffled with Dubai having a waterfall, you should go check out the Human Waterfalls in Dubai Mall which is nestled right in the heart of the mall. As tall as the building, the waterfall makes a teeming spectacle in the mall. Its dramatic design and unique charm are the crowd pullers.

Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations for honeymoon and family vacation. Plan a trip to Dubai to enjoy its noteworthy attractions, fun-filled experiences, and exciting nightlife.

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