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Everest Base Camp Trek: A Guide To A Journey Of A Lifetime

Everest is a beast of a mountain that has defeated many of the greatest mountaineers to ever live. Its challenging and rugged trails have long been attracting skilled climbers from far and wide. Everest’s intimidating summit is so statuesque that the Everest Base Camp trek at 17,600 ft is still an adventure all the trekkers of the world must experience.From staying in the villages that are set against soaring peaks to learning the unique Sherpa culture, every experience in the picturesque mountains of Nepal turns you into a storyteller.

On this splendid trek, you can immerse yourself in Sherpa culture. Sherpa are ancient Tibetans living in the remote regions of Nepal. Their unique culture and cuisine will let you experience a different kind of life in the Himalayas.

Starts from: Lukla
Ends at: Lukla
Type of trek: Teahouse Grade
Altitude: 5,380 m or 17,600 ft
Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult
Culture: Sherpa culture
Sightseeing: Everest, Amadablam, Lhotse, etc
Mount Everest Base Camp trek cost: A 14-day Everest Base Camp trek can cost you anywhere between INR 65,000 to INR 80,000, including permits, accommodations, food, and round trip flights from Kathmandu to Lukla.

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Everest Base Camp can be trekked throughout the year. Trekking in Nepal during offseason is slightly cheaper as prices of stay and food come down in Kathmandu and Namche Bazaar area.

sunset behind the snow clad mountains

Trekking during awesome weather: April – May and October – November (high season) are the best months to
Trekking during fair weather: March, June, late September, and December are good months to trek. The climate is not bad during these months.
Trekking during harsh weather: July – August (monsoon season) and January – February (coldest months)

Here’s a summary of your Everest Base Camp trek itinerary.

colorful prayer flags at Everest Base Camp

Day 1: Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla (the highest airport at 2700m) and then trek to Phakding at 2600m.
Day 2: Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440m)
Day 3: Rest at Namche Bazaar
Day 4: Trek to Tyangboche (3860m) from Namche Bazaar
Day 5: Trek from Tyangboche to Dingboche (4300m)
Day 6: Trek from Dingboche to Labuche (4930m)
Day 7: Acclimatization day in Labuche
Day 8: Trek from Labuche to Gorapshep (5170m)
Day 9: Trek from Gorapshe to Everest base camp (5400m). Overnight in Gorakshep
Day 10: Trek from Gorapshep to Pheriche (4280m)
Day 11: Trek from Pheriche to Tyangboche (3860m)
Day 12: Trek from Tyangboche to Namchee Bazaar (3440m)
Day 13: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Lukla (2840m)
Day 14: Fly to Kathmandu from Lukla. Trek ends here.

Although you don’t have to be an athlete to trek Everest Base Camp, but you surely need to be fit enough to completely enjoy the rugged trails and wake up without sore muscles. Here’s what you can do to train your body.

way to Everest Base Camp board

  • You must start exercising about a month before doing the trek.
  • Swimming, cycling, and running are some cardio exercises you must do to increase your stamina.
  • Strengthen your muscles by doing some push ups, squats, and pull ups
  • Strengthen your muscles by doing squats, pull-ups, push ups, dead lifts, etc.
  • Avoid over-exercising. The aim is to increase physical stamina and lung capacity.

Everest Base Camp is a tea house trek, which means there will be enough food, water bottles, and snacks available on the way. But there are a few important things you’ll need for an easy and safe trek. The weather of upper Himalayan regions is highly unpredictable, so even if it’s sunny in the morning, it’ll surely get unbearably cold at night. You’ll need to keep some items with you for a comfortable experience.

three men holding trekking equipment

Trekking gears you’ll need: Camera with extra memory card, heavyweight gloves, fleece or wool trousers and jackets, trekking boots, warm woolen socks, running shoes or sandals to roam around the camp, thermal tops, windshield jacket, waterproof jacket, sunglasses for UV protection, sun hat, high quality sleeping bag, headlamp and spare batteries, a day backpack (20-30 liters), water bottles, a towel, and toiletries.

A basic first-aid kit: Ibuprofen, Diamox (for altitude sickness), your personal prescriptions, medical tapes (for blister treatment, headache tablets, and antibiotics.

Note: Not all the items on the list are necessary. You can use your judgment while packing for your trek. The most important things you’ll need are a comfortable and durable footwear and appropriate clothes.

The trek to EBC is one of the most challenging and spectacular one. It’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that introduces you to breathtaking scenery and lofty mountains. It’s not just the beautiful forests, valleys, and rivers that will fascinate you, the legendary Sherpa and their culture is awesome too.So Plan a trip to Nepal and make the best memories of your life.

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10 Adventurous Treks In Canada Which Will Definitely Ignite That Adrenaline Rush Inside You!

Buy some good boots, now break them in and get ready to tackle some of the best treks in Canada. These treks may take even days while others could take even a month or so. Each and every trail is different, but all of them are amazing and spectacular. Going beyond from the exotic and picturesque locations the adventure enthusiasts can find their peace at these enormous peaks of rough trails.

Here’s a list of some of the most active and best treks in Canada

1. Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail in Canada

This is definitely one of the most famous hiking trails in the country and is carefully maintained as well. You will get to witness beautiful scenic vistas all along the 900 km route hiking in Ontario Canada. It begins from the Niagara Escarpment to the Georgian Bay and so be prepared for everything ranging from vineyards to mixed woods forests and quaint townships to pristine waterfalls and lakeside cliffs too. Legs for this route range from an hour or two to even a week and more. To complete this whole route you need to have a month in hand. The routes here are well marked, but the unofficial side trails do extend to even more than 900 km.

Location: Bruce trail dyers bay, Ontario

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2. The Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail actually runs for 1,200 km and it roughly follows the continental divide through Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and BC. While most parts of this trail are suitable only for the more experienced trekkers but the allure of scenic vistas is hard to resist for many. Then towns of Jasper, Waterton and Blairmore are very popular jumping off point and resupplying can be done every four to nine days. Be ready for a workout as there is more than 1,500 metres of elevation between the lowest and highest point on this trail. Much of the Great Divide Trail is also very rugged as well as unmarked so caution is advised.

Location: Alberta/BC

3. Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Rail Trail

It is a famous bicycle route, but it is also famous as a trekking ground. It was built as a rail line 105 years ago by the Canadian Pacific Railway, but now it is a recreational route which goes through the Okanagan for a good 600 km. Then lengths over here can extend from a five kilometer jaunt to even multi day journeys. This trail passes over many of the 18 trestles and also through two historic tunnels. Trekkers will also surely enjoy the lakeside views which are mainly found between Kelowna and Penticton. Don’t forget to stop at one of the wineries along the route as well.

Location: British Columbia

4. Alexander Mackenzie Heritage (Grease) Trail

Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail

The approximate hiking time over here will be 25 to even a full month. The starting point is Quesnel, BC and the end point for this trail is Bella Coola, BC. So this requires labour, time and commitment. But if you don’t have that much time to devote then you could sample a small 80km section which goes through the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and it is a section which lasts for around a week. You can expect river crossings, Alpine Meadows, dense woodlands as well as the occasional town for re-provisioning. But this trail is definitely one of the country’s best hikes.

Location: British Columbia

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5. Confederation Trail

Confederation Trail in Canada

The PEIs Confederation trail was also a railway line which was converted later on to a cycling and hiking path. The topography over here is generally flat, but do expect very gentle stroll along any part of this island trail. There are also even more than 1,600 geocache sites over here which are all tucked over the trail. Trekkers will find that the towns this trail covers are renowned for their hospitality. But to be fair, it’s not really an adventurous trek, but more of a lovely scenic walk where you can walk till as long as you want.

Location: Prince Edward Island

6. Rideau Trail

Rideau Trail View

This trail extends to a staggering 400 km but the Rideau Trail is actually comprised of a beautiful network of trails which run between Kingston and Ottawa. Trekkers will be able to see mixed wood forests, historic sites, charming towns, Canadian shield lakes, vibrant birdlife and even more. Hikers will be able to enjoy legs that go from an hour to even two till the End-to-End epic, all of which takes about two weeks to complete. It is advisable to just begin from the trails present around Rideau Lakes and then proceed from there. Also, if planning to go here, then plan it in autumn when the trees an surroundings will be steeped in fall colours.

Location: Ontario

7. Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park

Newfoundland T'Railway Provincial Park

Going across The Rock which stretches from St. John’s to Port Aux Basques, this railway line of former times goes through 55 towns as well as crosses around 150 bridges. A typical leg ranges from just a few kilometres to over overnight journeys. Vey few hikers have actually traversed the full length of this trail which was once very popular with the snowmobilers and the ATV’ers. But it should be kept in mind that there are some parts which are combustion free and so trekkers visiting for solitude and peace should be able to find that along this mammoth trail.

Location: Newfoundland & Labrador

8. East Coast Trail

East Coast Trail View

This is another famous hiking route present in Newfoundland where the eastern trail goes south from Cape St. Francis which is present on the tip of the Avalon Peninsula till the rugged Atlantic coast line. This 265 kilometers of adventure is well marked and maintained. Be prepared to see beautiful lighthouses, cute puffins and humongous whales. If you have luck on your side, then seeing the world’s southernmost caribou herd is possible as well. You can either camp out here or just book a bed and breakfast.

Location: Newfoundland & Labrador

9. Canol Heritage Trail

Canol Heritage Trail in Canada

The Canol Heritage Trail may not be the longest, but it definitely one of the most challenging ones in here. It’s long enough and requires either a fly-in or a fly-out; and in some cases even both if you accidentally sprain or hurt your ankle. This trail is nothing less than the ones shown on Man vs Wild since it requires food drops, bear sprays because of the black bears and grizzlies that prowl this area and also self-sufficiency to finish this trail. The route is actually an old industry road which hasn’t been maintained since 1945 so expect oil barrels an rusts for sure. But it’s not all roads and rust as trekkers will be able to experience this beautiful tundra and taiga mountains along the way. Do note that it is only for experienced hikers only.

Location: Northwest Territories/Yukon

10. Waskahegan Trail

View of Waskahegan Trail in Canada

This 309 km trail is hidden clearly in plain sight. It is actually comprised of about 40 routes and ranges from 5 to even 15 kms. It loops all around the city of Edmonton. This trail runs all over both public and private land and is mostly maintained by volunteers. Trekkers will find the serene landscapes they witness to be scenic and a balm to sore eyes. If you want to try out the multi day routes then the trails run along some public campsites and also private stopovers on the way. Be ready to witness wildlife as well, which includes both natural and domestic livestock while enjoying the beauty that is Alberta parkland.

Location: Alberta

Treks in Canada range over lovely walks to hazardous routes which require fly outs. If you don’t want to do it all alone, then be a part of the best hiking & trekking tours in Canada to enjoy it all. So, be prepared for everything while also taking in the beauty of the whole place.

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10 Thrilling Treks In Mexico That Are Perfect For An Adventuresome Trip!

Mexico certainly is the place for some interesting hiking spots. It has many ideal mountain ranges which generally have perfect weather to make up for the brutal weather in the nation’s capital. The best time to go hiking is surely in the dry season that starts from October and continues till May. This dry offers temperate weather which makes for some amazing hiking experiences. So, all you adrenaline junkies out there head to the treks in Mexico and don’t forget to take your trekking gear along!

Check out this intricately made guide about the most enticing treks in Mexico which you should definitely try. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. The Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon in Mexico

The copper canyon actually consists of six distinct canyons which form one of the best trails for hiking along with the Tararecua Canyon. Trekkers will be able to witness indigenous cultures along with amazing scenery and wilderness while passing through. The stunning thermal springs at its base add to the beauty of this trek. This trek in Mexico takes around 5 days to complete and was ranked amongst the best in the world by the National Geographic.

Location: Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, México
Cost: around M$10 admission

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2. Desierto De Los Leones

Desierto De Los Leones

This trek in Mexico is one of the most attractive and popular hiking sites and its name means Lion Desert literally. The trails found over here are of various levels of reasonable to difficult, but all can be easily located and then followed. But for people who are looking for something challenging, there is the park’s highest peak, which is known as Cerro San Miguel and it stands at a towering 12,400 feet from the sea level. All along the trails, you will get to see hordes of bikers, hikers and families who come here to climb the jagged trails of this amazing national park.

Location: Desierto de Los Leones, Ciudad de México, México

3. Chipinque


One of the treks near Mexico City, it is located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; this northern natural park is full of amazing hiking routes which offer a wealth of experiences to the trekkers. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or are a pro in this; the trail accommodates all and introduces everyone to a new outdoor physical fitness. Officially, there are three recommended trails but in reality, there are far more than that if you want to undertake them yourselves over this 50km span of land in this national park. Monterrey is an industrial town for sure bit chipinque offers a site yet unseen for many in this town.

Location: Chipinque, Nuevo León, México
Cost: M$10 approximately entry price

4. Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve

Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve view

Situated in the south of the Veracruz state, this biosphere reserve is just the ideal trekking destination for people who love fitness, but also have a knack for exploring the rituals and culture of the place they visit. The Los Tuxtlas occupies a vast 155,000 hectares and is popular for areas like Catemaco, which are occupied by native healers. Legend here says that before undertaking any hiking expedition you have to be washed first. As for trail options, you will be spoiled for choice here with all the various trail options that range from mountainous hikes to lakeside walks.

Location: Catemaco, Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, Veracruz, México

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5. Paso De Cortés

White snow mountain

This is a very specific hiking trail that stays inserted between the mighty volcanoes of Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl. The name Paso de Cortes is given after the Spanish conquistador Hernán Córtes. It should be kept in mind that this trail isn’t for the faint hearted as the altitude on this mountain proves to be an issue in this hiking route. But those can persevere and reach the top; they are rewarded with amazing panoramic views which they can capture in their hearts and cameras. Located just two or three hours outside of the capital of Mexico, this trail is unique in every way.

Location: Paso de Cortes, Estado de México, México
Cost: M$10 entry price

6. Nevado De Toluca

Lake view

Situated in the capital of the State of Mexico, this is one of the country’s most famous destinations which offer hiking. The trails over here are perfect for amateurs and beginners or even for just the enthusiasts. You will have the option to either hike up to the summit of what is this country’s fourth highest peak, known as Friar’s peak which is more than a mile above ground level. Or you will have the option of heading to the twin lagoons which offer amazing views. Nevado de Toluca is versatile in the sense that you can drive and park through many points in this area which means that you can tailor the climb to various levels.

Location: Nevado de Toluca, Estado de México, México

7. Iztaccíhuatl

Snow mountain view

The Iztaccíhuatl is actually the inactive half of the nation’s set of twin volcanoes and as such it makes for a good hiking spot. It is actually said to be one amongst the best mountain hikes in Mexico, USA. This popular spot sees many climbers in hoards but it is advised that only the physically capable and experienced hikers try out this site. This is also because climbing attempts can prove fatal as well because the altitude proves to be brutal. Don’t push yourself here more than you will be able to.

Location: Iztaccíhuatl, Puebla, México

8. Cumbres De Ajusco

Cumbres De Ajusco in Mexico

Mexico’s most popular and frequented hiking destination, the Cumbres de Ajusco welcomes everyone with its well-trodden trails and beautiful panoramic views surround it. It is generally considered to be a very lighter hike than many of the capitals other trails, but it is still 13,000 feet above sea level and so the less experienced can face problems with it. There are many trails which fill this place, but all of them converge at either one point or the other so the beginners don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Location: Cumbres de Ajusco, Ciudad de México, México

9. Tepozteco

Tepozteco in Mexico

Located in the town of Tepoztlan, this beautiful Tepozteco peak is a delight to climb and hike through. Even though it is a steep climb, the altitude doesn’t factor in much for most hikers as the peak itself is a bit below that of Mexico city itself. Hikers who make it to the top are rewarded by a view of the pyramid that sits on top it and offers some views of some amazing valleys and vistas that surround it.

Location: Tepozteco, Morelos, México
Cost: M$10

10. Parque Nacional Los Dinamos

Treking place

Mexico City’s singular free-flowing river, Rio Magdalena, flows through this gorgeous ravine full of 26 km of hiking trails along with high canyon walls which are ideal for rock climbing. The trails here lead to dramatic waterfalls, freshwater springs and also luscious grassy riversides which offer excellent picnic areas. The park is made up of four areas and it is the third and fourth section here which is the least crowded. You can easily reach Los Dinamos using a taxi.

Location: Camino a Los Dinamos s/n, Colonia Reserva de Los Dinamos
Cost: M$10

The trekking spots in Mexico to offer thrilling experiences to all the climbers who undertake this task. These climbs will surely enrich your vacation. Get geared up and book your trip to Mexico right away!

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Roopkund Trek: Unravelling The Skeleton Lake Mysteries

What was the inspiration behind your last trek? Was it something like – “reach the top, admire the serene beauty, camp under the star studded nights and pose like SRK with mountains behind for that photograph?”

Well! Let’s go beyond all of this, this time. Here is world, different from the world – when you are done admiring that beauty, camping and posing for photographs, take a trek to a summit of a mysterious lake that hid human and horse skeletons for centuries. A summit that holds together the mesmerising mountains, stunning serenity and some serious secrets. And for those who have not heard or, read about the challenging trek to Roopkund – the skeleton lake, here is…

skeleton View

Back in 1942, the lake’s skeletons were discovered by a Nanda Devi ranger. 30 skeletons were retrieved by the Nat Geo’s team, along with spearheads, rings and slippers. The carbon dating suggests that these skeletons, at the bed of the lake, date back to 800 AD. One of the popular explanations through DNA matching suggests that a group of 200 pilgrims from Maharashtra to Nanda Devi Raj Jat(once every 12 years) became victim to an avalanche. Another popular history is about General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir, and his men — who are said to have lost their way and perished in the high Himalayas, on their return journey after the Battle of Tibet in 1841.

There are many stories, but in 2013 there was a buzz that the mystery of the human skeletons of Roopkund has been solved. We’ll come to that too, but coming back to the trek for now.

Uttarakhand Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Witness the beauty of Uttarakhand and indulge in spiritual pilgrimages, adventure sports, and treks. Visit Nainital, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Auli, Jim Corbett, and more. Get best holiday deals on TravelTriangle.

For the love of stunning Himalayas

stunning Himalayas View

A 360 degree view of the majestic snow clad peaks, unconditional serenity, and an infallible celebration of triumph – this climb up to the Roopkund lake is a journey of a lifetime. The entire experience will bring you back to yourself. The mountains will humble you down and the solitude will urge you to find inner peace.

For offline socialising and friends for real

No socialising

Seldom do you find a free space – a space different from the world around you. At 16,ooo ft, in the lap of nature, you would find some fellow humans to socialise – not through Facebook. You will have lot of real life stories to exchange, experiences to share and talks to remember.

…and those frames which will stay till immortality

A trekker looks at the majestic Himalayan peaks covered with snow

These are some real vistas — some stunning frames to capture. Sky kissing peaks radiating bright whites of snow, sun peeping through the cloud kissing trees, stars dotting the sky to every centimeter and lush green meadows sprawling till the endless horizon – there is never enough of it. You will, we guarantee, come back with photos to boast and sell.

Let’s get you ready with some basics:

Roopkund is a glacial lake amidst the virgin forests of Nanda Devi National Park in the  Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. The lake sits at a height of 16, 500 ft. It is overlooked by the snow caped peaks of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul massif.

How to reach Roopkund

Kathgodam – Lohajung -Wan – Bedni Bugyal – Bhagwabusa – Roopkund
Kathgodam is the nearest railhead to the base camps for Roopkund trek. Lohajung, the last motorable place is 221 km from Kathgodam railway station. Buses ply from Kathgodam to Lohajung and take 14-15 hours. One can hire a private taxi at INR 4,500 from Kathgodam. If you are traveling by a car/taxi, you can also get to Wan Village – another base camp for Roopkund.

trekking view

Moderate to High. However, it is certainly not among the ones which can be done without any prior trekking experience — probably why it is the third best trek into the Himalayas. It certainly needs an optimum physical fitness and stamina. Remember, we are talking about 16,500 feet above sea level — 3, 500 ft higher than the normal breathable air. Oxygen level depletes up to 50% of the normal and hence — altitude sickness is expected, prior acclimatization is required in addition to the zeal for scaling the highs.

8 Days. The entire journey from and to Kathgodam Railway station takes eight days. Here is a tentative itinerary:

The 8- day Roopkund trek itinerary from and to Kathgodam Railway station

Well there are two options – pre-monsoon and post monsoon.

Beautiful large mountains

The pre-monsoon months include the summers of May-June. The views, arguably, are better during this part of the year. The meadows of the valleys are greener, the famous lake is thawed enough for the skeletons to be seen. But you won’t spot much of snow, could be none actually.

The post monsoon months would be August-September. The meadows are on the browner side, the lake is frozen and there is snow –lot of it! If you are able to choose between the snow and the skeleton lake, you know your best time to do Roopkund.

And, before you start with the actual trekking, here are some important insights from someone who has already been to Roopkund.

Lohajung and Wan Village

So, there are two possible base camps for Roopkund Trek — Lohajung Village and The Wan Village.

The trek from Lohajung is usually preferred because it goes through one of the most amazing visual retreats of the climb — Ali Bugyal. However, it adds up 14 km to the climb and hence more of exhaustion.

Wan Village is well connected by road from Lohajung and hence the last motorable point of the trek. Starting here reduces the trekking distance by 15 km and hence, saves a lot of energy.

Suggestion: Take the ascent from Wan Village and Lohajung trail for descent to have the best of both the worlds.

guides and porters for Roopkund Trek

Porters – Mandatory. Guide — Hire one if you are not a pro in mountaineering.
Although, the trail has been marked for the convenience of any trekker, snow laden trails make it tough to locate and chose the path. In such a scenario, having a guide beside you comes in handy. With height, as the air gets thinner, even that ‘superlight’ rucksack on your back would pull you down. The porters not only help with the luggage but also with food supplies.

Both guides (at INR 500 per day)and porters (at INR 300 per day) can be found and hired from either of the base camps – Lohajung or Wan.

There are plenty of camping options on Roopkund trek

Being a weeklong expedition full of natural marvels, Roopkund trek needs plenty of rest and admiration. The entire trail has a total of 5 camping sites. Bedni Bugyal, Didna Village, Bhagwabasa and Patthar Nachani are the famous camping sites.

So the entire trail is maintained and preserved by the forest department. You are required to present a permit for trekking and camping at several checkpoints along the trail. The permit can be obtained from the Office of Forest Officer at Lohajung. The process is very quick if you are carrying the required documents:

  • a passport size photograph
  • address proof
  • fitness certificate, and
  • a self assertion of voluntary participation in the trek

Things to carry on an extensive trek to Roopkund

Take all the accessories that you need. Buy gumboots as the normal hiking shoes aren’t enough. They prevent the feet from frostbite, don’t get wet easily, and cost INR 400. Extra pair of socks, waterproof gloves, body warmers, flask bottles, exothermic pouches, trekking rods, and couple of sleeping bags are some of the most basic things.

Medical and Emergency Kits

Carry a first aid kit: Always remember, you are going to climb the half of Everest – good 4,000 metres. The conditions are exxtreme, always unpredictable and unbearable at times. Although the guides, usually, carry a full fledged first aid kit, do carry one with yourself.

Ensure medical fitness: Get acquainted with AMS – acute mountain sickness, and get yourself examined by your family doctor before you leave – remember the medical fitness certificate for permit?

Keep emergency contacts in a notepad: Apart from family and friends, keep the helpline numbers as they are useful in times of crisis.

Roopkund Lake – Riddle of the skeletons

Roopkund Lake View

So, the mystery lake — at the top. The lake, as is famous, contains remains and skeletons of humans and animals(horses) from the Palaeolithic years of human origin. In the lap of stunning Himalayas, this lake is overlooked by glaciers dotted by rocks, and bones.



Nanda Ghunti, Kali Dak and Trishul — these peaks start showing up in the solitude of abandoned stone huts at Bhagwabasa. The entire trail of Bhagwabasa is dotted by stones and blocks of stones. The huts, until very late, used to be rented to the trekkers. The place is astonishingly beautiful and splendidly serene with a blanket of clouds.

Ali Bugyal

Green Natural beauty

At 11,154 ft, Ali Bugyal is a luxury to any eye. Oaks, rhododendrons, birches and small shrubs cover the mountain floors and make it look like a cozy, comfortable, green bed of grass. With the Mrigthuni and Trishul peaks in the background, any frame of this highland meadow comes out as a perfect postcard photo from Arabian dreams. Cattles and horses grazing around are added elements.

  • If you happen to be a photography enthusiast, carry extra batteries, enough of digital storage and a tripod to capture the long exposure shots of beautiful night skies.
  • Do carry a wind cheater jacket, but do not use it while you are hiking. Use it only while you are camping.
  • Walk at your natural pace. Do not overstress.
  • While acclimatizing, drink enough water – almost four times the normal; keep yourself hydrated.
  • Make sure your rucksack or any luggage bag is waterproof.
  • Do not undermine anything that the guide suggests. Keep this in mind — he knows the region better than anyone of you.
  • Carry comfortable shoes – a little loose than what you wear while running. Wear double layer socks.

Alright! Now that you’re all sorted, when are you leaving?Plan a holiday with TravelTriangle to uttarakhand without wasting a moment and make the best memories of your life. In case you need any more help, do drop in a message.

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Bachelor Parties In Dubai: 5 Ultimate Ideas For Putting A Kick-Ass End To Your Singlehood

There’s no place like Dubai for celebrating a glamorous and glitzy bachelorette as you bid goodbye to your singlehood and step into a brand new phase of life. Having your bachelor parties in Dubai is the next big thing as the dazzling city has established itself amongst the hot new bachelor party destinations for all things fun and adventure. The magic of its desert & dunes, the thrill of skydiving, swanky nightclubs, beautiful beaches, and shopping malls make it the perfect destination.

So, just scroll down and read on as we take you through the most unique bachelor party ideas for planning yours impeccably in Dubai.

good idea to plan your trip between November and March

If you’re looking to sprawl out on the beach and wander around the town with your squad in Dubai, it’s always a good idea to plan your trip between November and March as it’s the best time to witness azure skies and perfect beach weather. However, fret not even if you’re planning a summer bash with your gang since Dubai has perfected the art of beating away the scorching summers like no other place. You can chill out in a luxurious villa, enjoy Ski Dubai, and shop till you drop at the huge air-conditioned malls.

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Depending on how long you want your revelry to last, anything between two to five days is perfect for exploring the mysteries and enjoying the luxuries of the city of opulence.

Here is a list that tells how you can have the best bachelor party of your life in just few easy ways. Take a look!

1. Party In Your Own Style In A Luxurious Villa

luxury villas are perfect for a relaxed time

Dubai villas offer the perfect blend of five-star comfort with privacy, security, and world-class amenities. There’s nothing like spending the weekend with your singles’ gang in the cozy cocoon of a gorgeous villa, with your own private pool to splash in. With a well-equipped kitchen and house-help, the luxury villas are just perfect for a relaxed and rejuvenating time. With alcohol restrictions in the city, a private villa is your best bet if you want to drink and dance away the night at your bachelorette in Dubai.

Ideal For: Those who are happy partying in the privacy and comfort of a luxurious home.
Best Villas In Dubai: Coral Boutique Villas, Roda Boutique Villas, and Nikki Beach Villas

  • Most villas can be booked online through or directly on their websites well in advance.
  • It is advisable to check house rules and party regulations before finalizing a villa to avoid disappointment.

2. Unwind With Thrilling Adventures

offers an exciting lineup of unforgettable experiences

If adventure is on your mind and you want to quench your adrenaline rush, Dubai offers an exciting lineup of unforgettable experiences. Before you take the final plunge, try taking the leap of faith as you skydive from 13,000 feet above Palm Jumeirah! If that’s not enough to satiate the adventure junkie within, then quad-biking across the desert dunes or shouting your lungs out atop the fastest roller coaster in Ferrari World are other fun ideas for your bachelor parties in Dubai. You can also plan a complete desert adventure weekend for your Dubai bachelor party where you can spend a thrilling evening aboard a 4×4 traversing the mighty dunes or practicing sand-boarding, and spend a memorable night camping under the stars with great food & entertainment, which is among the best things to do in Dubai at night.

Ideal For: Adventure lovers seeking exciting bachelor party activities.

  • It is best to book the skydive slots in advance through the respective website.
  • Compare a couple of adventure companies before booking your desert safari to ensure you get a good deal with maximum inclusions. To avoid touristy crowds, Emirates Desert is a better option.

3. Wild Parties At Clubs And Bars

the city's nightclubs and beach bars are amazing

With international DJs frequenting the city’s nightclubs and posh beach bars, bachelor parties in Dubai can be a whole lot of fun for those who love to dance the night away to thumping beats with their crazy squad. If you’re up for a raging beach party pulsating with energy, the city of Dubai definitely won’t disappoint.

Ideal For: For those who love to party all night to their favorite beats.
Best Clubs In Dubai: Ibiza Club Blue Marlin, White Dubai, Zero Gravity, and more

  • It’s a good idea to check up on the DJs performing in various clubs before deciding on one.
  • Reach well in time so that you get a nice place for your gang before it gets too crowded.

4. Sail Away The Night On Your Personal Yacht Cruise

the city's nightclubs and beach bars are amazing

There is no dearth of unique bachelor party themes in Dubai as the city has a zillion surprises up its sleeve. When you’re in the city that’s an epitome of all things grand and glorious, there’s nothing like experiencing luxury in its grandest avatar. Of all the bachelor party venues, none can match the thrill and excitement of heading on a private cruise on the Persian Gulf with your favourite bunch of people. Complete with Jacuzzis, barbecues by celebrity chefs, world-class champagne, and your own DJ on the deck, you can forget the world for a while on your memorable Dubai bachelor party.

Ideal For: Those who love to party in privacy and style.

  • You can add more excitement to the trip by trying out wreck diving or some hydrojet adventure.
  • Check with the cruise companies for DJ & alcohol permit well in advance.

5. Explore & Shop

witness the wonders of Dubai with your best pals

Before you get caught up in the madness and hectic activity of wedding planning, it’s a great idea to simply relax and witness the wonders of Dubai with your best pals. Gazing with wonder at the glittering city and clouds floating by from the top of Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world is one of the best experiences for bachelor parties in Dubai. Apart from that, Dubai also offers a smorgasbord of culinary experiences at its Michelin-star restaurants and plush lounges, lovely beaches where you can beat the heat, and glitzy malls where you can spot the best Dubai summer surprises.

Ideal For: Those who love to explore new places & cuisines, and indulge in retail therapy.

  • Do include a visit to the popular Dubai Gold Souk, Burj Khalifa, and Palm Jumeirah.
  • Make sure you check the do’s and don’ts of chilling at the beaches in Dubai before you head to any.

So, now that you’re convinced that Dubai is the best place to have your bachelor party, we say don’t wait much, start planning your Dubai trip with TravelTriangle already, and kiss your singlehood a goodbye with style!

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15 Things To Do In Stellenbosch That Are Worth Experiencing On Your South African Vacay

Stellenbosch, which is a 45-minute drive away from Cape Town, is one of the most prominent towns of South Africa. Most voyagers visit this lively university town as a part of their day-trip from Cape Town. However, it is highly suggested to spend a few days here as there are plenty of things to do in Stellenbosch. There are a plethora of sights and attractions to appreciate all around the town that will leave you in awe.

Stellenbosch offers unlimited activities for nature lovers, foodies, and art and culture aficionados. We’ve shortlisted 15 things to do in Stellenbosch that people across all ages will enjoy:

1. Stellenbosch: Visit a food market

Visit a food market

Go to Root 44, a historic market that sells savory food, ranging from sushi to boeries and fresh flowers too. On Saturday, you can opt to go to the Stellenbosch Slowmarket to gaze at the bustling market scene and to buy everything from free-range chicken to stroopwafels. Part of the worldwide Slow Food movement, the makers are committed to seasonal, organic, and ethical production. On Sundays, the Blaauklippen Family Market sells a wide collection of world cuisines, ranging from Lebanese, Greek, Indian, and Mexican.

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2. Stellenbosch: Pick your own berries

Pick your own berries

Polkadraai Strawberry Farm is a farm loved by one and all. The homestead consists of huge strawberry fields. You can invest an entire day in the field filling your bucket with juicy strawberries, which you can eat later. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Stellenbosch and we highly recommend it. Remember that picking season is from September to January only. In any case, there are a lot of reasons to head to the homestead in the offseason because it provides many other activities too, like mini golf and tractor rides.

3. Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens: Wander

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens is walking distance away from the center of the town. This botanical garden is the oldest university garden in South Africa and houses a wide range of exotic and indigenous plants. Wander in shaded trails and cross small streams and ponds. The gardens also include an exceptional bonsai nursery, koi ponds, and glass houses. An on-location restaurant is also available. It provides teas, breakfast, and lunch.

4. Stellenbosch: Take an art tour

Take an art tour

This tour has recently emerged to provide art lovers an opportunity to investigate the town in all its beauty and splendor. Highlighting 11 significant points, people can take delight in the D-Street Gallery, SMAC Art Gallery, US Art Gallery, and the Rupert Museum. What’s one of a kind about this tour is that since it’s a self-guided tour, the explorers can take as much time required to see and value the various aesthetic portions that the city brags of.

5. Stellenbosch: Head to the Rasta House

Head to the Rasta House

This wooden five-story rasta house is a treat for the eyes. The proprietor has been working for more than twenty years on this architectural marvel. He plans to include another two stories to this unique structure. For a tour to Mbekweni with a learned neighborhood guide, include a visit to the Rasta House in your itinerary. Make sure to stop by.

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6. Butterfly World: Explore

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is a one of a kind park situated outside of Stellenbosch. It is a tropical garden enclosed in a 1000 m sq nursery. With intriguing butterflies, huge iguanas and pythons on show, this place is a must-visit. The Butterfly World runs various informative presentations as well. It also has a large garden for the children to play in, and an eatery where the entire family can enjoy the meal together.

7. Renowned Rupert Museum: Visit

Renowned Rupert Museum

This contemporary art center houses some of South Africa’s as well the world’s finest art, including a permanent Pierneef display. It is among the most remarkable tourist attractions. Despite the fact that you are in the presence of amazing show-stopper art, the setting isn’t at all vainglorious. It is a private display with a simple vibe. We appeal to everybody to come here and appreciate the art.

8. Stellenbosch: Have a picnic

Have a picnic

In case you’re searching for a relaxed outdoor activity with your family and little kids, picnicking at Stellenbosch is an incredible choice. What is incredible is that a large number of farms here offer pre-packed picnic baskets. Boschendal is one of Stellenbosch’s most famous outing choices. It provides curated picnics which should be pre-requested.

9. Stellenbosch: Watch the Duck March

Watch the Duck March

The stunning Vergenoegd is home to the well-known duck march. Make sure to reach early to watch a huge number of ducks advance out of the door and simultaneously, march through the estate and past enchanted visitors. Your children will either begin pursuing them or gaze in total wonder at the 50 or more ducks swaying past them. You’ll need to see it to believe it! The event is from 9:30 am and 3:30 pm daily.

10. Stellenbosch: Encounter a hawk

Encounter a hawk

On the Spier property, you can have a close encounter with a hawk or an eagle. The primary aim of the Spier property is the rehabilitation of the birds of prey while teaching both children and grown-ups about wildlife preservation. In addition, children can come across chickens, tortoises, piglets. It is a unique endeavor and we strongly recommend you to participate in it.

11. Stellenbosch: Enjoy the nightlife

Enjoy the nightlife

Friday and Saturday nights at Stellenbosch is the time when nightclubs host amazing local talent, such as Shortstraw, Al Bairre, Fokofpolisiekar, and aKing, to name a few. If you like to groove and love music, you must visit Bohemia, Aandklas, and Die Mystic Boer. Die Mystic Boer and Bohemia are situated on Victoria Street, at a walking distance from campus, and Aandklas is found on Bird Street.

12. Jonkershoek Nature Reserve: Take a stroll

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

This wonderful 9800-hectare nature reserve in south africa. boasts of lofty mountains and rich fynbos. It is an extraordinary place to fulfill one’s thirst for adrenaline. Vanquish any of the mountain biking routes and hiking trails or savor the fantastic view and cascades, the choices are endless. There are likewise some stunning spots here that are ideal for a casual family picnic or a romantic moment.

13. Stellenbosch: Sip the best espresso

Sip the best espresso

The new hotspot in the local area- Blue Crane Coffee Company recently won the award for the ‘Best coffee in Stellenbosch.’ Ever since then, the Blue Crane Coffee Company has expanded. It has opened another outlet called the ‘Lab’, where you can taste their most recent recipes and view some neighborhood art while sipping your coffee.

14. Stellenbosch: Devour chocolates

Devour chocolates

Le Chocolatier is a chocoholic’s heaven. Situated on Church Street in Stellenbosch, you will have the chance to taste a plethora of new flavors in little chocolate pockets here. The proprietors of Le Chocolatier do not add any additives to their chocolates. The interesting bistro on the side is a fantastic spot to sip on coffee while you hog on chocolates.

15. Stellenbosch: Step into Oom Samie Se Winkel

Step into Oom Samie Se Winkel

As you enter, the smell of dried fish, tobacco, spices, and leather fills your nose. Search through the racks here to discover antiquated boiled desserts, sticky toffees, vintage attire, collectible books, and bona fide old butter churns. You may even exit an antique shop with your shopping bags full of vegetables, fruits, and biltong. Additionally, you can purchase an exceptional gift for your loved ones from here.

The Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary, located at the Villiera Wines in Stellenbosch, is home to an enormous populace of kudu, eland, springbok, giraffe, zebra, black wildebeest. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of places worth exploring and exciting things to do in Stellenbosch. Make sure to book a trip to South Africa soon and indulge in these fun activities.

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11 Fascinating Things To Do In Slovenia On Your Trip To Europe

Slovenia is a wonderful country situated in Central Europe, known for its lush green mountains, picturesque lakes and very attractive ski resorts. Populated by around 2 million people, Slovenia houses various diverse cultures and ethnic groups. Slovenia has a mountainous terrain majorly, marked by a remarkable biodiversity and a highly dispersed human settlement. Slovenia offers scenic views, fascinating architecture and a combination of art and culture. Here are the top things to do in Slovenia.

Here is a list of the most interesting and mesmerizing things you can do in this wonderful country. Take a look at the 11 best things to do in Slovenia:

1. Bled: Eat cream cake

Bled Eat Cream Cake

When you are craving for something sweet while you travel in Slovenia, you must treat yourself with the cream-cake, which is the signature dessert of Bled. You can find this tasty treat everywhere around the city, but the cream cake of Slaščičarna Zima is known for its quality and authenticity.

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2. Lake Bohinj: Cycle

Lake Bohinj Cycle

Cycling around Lake Bohinj is among the more mesmerizing and refreshing experiences in Slovenia. The path leads you through mountain peaks, hidden waterfalls and waterside benches that let you relax while taking in the beauty of the place. The route of 12 km is quite easy, and would also take you to the thunderous Savica waterfalls and other hidden falls.

3. Piran: Feast on seafood


Piran is a charming seaside village with a slow paced life and offers to dine on the best seafood in Slovenia. Okrepcevalnica Cantina is a friendly, canteen-style, open-air restaurant which would be the ideal choice for a delicious seafood lunch at Piran. Make sure to stop by here on your trip to Slovenia.

4. Slovenia: Treat yourself at the spa

Treat yourself at the spa

The sensational wellness and spa centres are Slovenia’s best keep secret till date. Sava hotels and resort in Ptuj are one of the best places for a traditional Slovenian style spa. Slovenia’s natural health resorts, thermal spas and wellness centres are one of the most popular experiences that people visit the country for. They are a compound of centuries of tradition providing a sensational thermal bath experience which have been developed after long periods of research by experts dedicated to ensuring wellness for the people.

5. Bohinj Lake: Paraglide

Bohinj Lake

If you want to experience the adrenaline rush by flying in Slovenia, make sure to give paragliding a try. Tandem paragliding is a special experience with no previous knowledge needed; all you need is good walking shoes and wind jacket. Make sure to indulge in this activity on your trip to Slovenia.

6. Slovenia: Explore Bled Island Potica

Lake Slovenia Bled Island

Using sweet dough raised from yeast which is embellished with fillings after rolling it thin, the Bled Island Potica is made in several small bakeries in north-western Slovenia’s Bled Island. You can enjoy a sweet version along with some coffee and wine, and a savoury version with some cold beer, like the locals do.

7. Lake Bled: Stop by the tree house

Lake Bled

Spending a few days in a treehouse in a place like Bled, Europe, is definitely an item that deserves to be on your bucket list. Garden Village, located in Lake Bled, offers tree houses, pier and glamping tents. These are deluxe tree houses in the most beautiful part of Slovenia. Make sure to have fun at the tree house.

8. Slovenia: Try bear meat if you’re adventurous

Try bear meat if you're adventurous

It might sound gross and illegal, but it isn’t either. If you like to get a little adventurous with your meals then make sure to try bear meat, which is considered sumptuous in Slovenia. You don’t need to worry about the endangerment of bears as only a limited about of bears are allowed to be hunted every year, and also because of their steadily growing population.

9. Slovenia: Visit Dragon Bridge


Dragon Bridge is the most fairy-tale of fairy-tale bridges in the delightfully fairy-tale city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Decorated with ornamental statues of dragons among other embellishments, this exquisite structure is a favourite among tourists who enjoy the playful side of the city by looking at the city from it.

10. Vintgar Gorge: Spend an afternoon here

Vintgar Gorge

Home to brightly coloured water and peaceful vistas, Vintgar Gorge is an extremely genial place that is a must-visit. If you happen to visit Bled, it’s just a ten minute drive from there, so make sure you spend some time there. Make sure to spend an afternoon at Vintgar Gorge on your trip to Slovenia.

11. Slovenia: Visit Lipica Stud Farm


The Lipica stud farm is the oldest operating stud farms in the world. This is the original home of the world famous Lipizzaner horses. They are one of the more beautiful and elegant horse breeds in the whole world. If you are a horse-lover, you must head to the farm for a lovely experience.

Slovenia is a home to the most beautiful churches, farms and manor houses. The country is not just culturally and geographically rich and diverse, but also offers its visitors to experience the Slovenian cuisines, which have been a part of family tradition for years. Surely, Slovenia has tonnes to offer. Make sure to book your tickets to Europe and stop by here to indulge in these 11 amazing things to do in Slovenia.

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W Circuit: All You Need To Know For Planning The Most Adventurous Trek Of Your Life

National parks are places where you get to see a lot of exotic flora and fauna. Tours are generally held throughout the world to showcase these natural heritages that define the true magic of nature. The Torres del Paine National Park located in the region of Patagonia in Chile is one of the best national parks that you can encounter in your life. The park has everything from glaciers to lofty mountains and from grasslands that are full of animals to gorgeous views. To show off its beauty and to provide an adventure to the tourists, the park has several hiking trails that you can embark on as well. The W Circuit is regarded as one of the best among them. Wondering why? Well, here’s a really short pocket guide that’ll help you know all about it so that the next time you’re in Chile, you make sure to visit the famous W Circuit!

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About The W Circuit

The W Circuit is present in the Torres del Paine National Park and the design of the route is the main cause behind the name. The long trek takes you through the Cuernos del Paine, Francés Valley, and the Grey Glacier. These scenic places are extremely eye soothing and photogenic to every person that visits it. The trek lasts for more than 100 KM, so people need to brace themselves before they embark on this tour. People generally start at Puerto Natales and then follow towards Paine Grande so that they can set out for the trek to Glacier grey. After that, they will generally set out for the other trails that they may cover. This includes a visit to the spectacular Paso, Mirador Frances, Campamento Chileno all of which are great places. People do go back to Puerto Natales once their hike is over. The hike seems possible for anyone who has had prior experience of hiking. But they do need to remember that a lot of their day will be spent on hiking when they are exploring the W Circuit. Tourism companies also organize tours where they provide a basic itinerary for the tourists. People can also book them if they are in need of a guided tour of the circuit.

Best Time To Hike

When you are going to be a part of a hike or a trek you need to find out about the right season. The same thing applies to the W circuit as you may not find it throughout the year. Being a part of the Torres del Paine national park, the best time you may visit it is during the summer season. It lasts from December to March. This is the time when the sun is bright and the days are long. You can actually enjoy activities like hiking and kayaking at this time of the year. If you want to see the flowers, then you may visit the place during springtime. The winter season is a time that everyone should avoid as the weather becomes harsh and also the huts remain closed. So, you wouldn’t really have the best experience if you end up in such bad conditions. Check the internet to read more about the park and also to see the w circuit map.

Cost & Duration Of Trail

We hope that you are planning to visit the national park as a whole because W circuit is just a part of it. So, you are already making some plans and budgets that will include a lot of the park. If we consider only the part of the W circuit, then we will have the cost in terms of accommodation, permit, food and other necessities. A lot of the cost will depend on the number of days you spend in the circuit. It is a long one so you will need at least 5 to 6 days on the trail. In that case, your expenses can be anywhere around 140 CLP. But we cannot strictly tell about the cost as it differs from person to person.

Duration of a trail is pretty important to keep a track of the budget. But in a mountainous area, you can never guess the exact duration. For exploring the W Circuit Torres Del Paine in a nice way one needs to spend at least 5 days and 4 nights on the trail. This will provide them with the leisure to hike for hours but also rest adequately. People may also utilize the time to include some bonus places into their hike. While deciding on the duration one needs to remember that the natural conditions and weather may change anytime. So, do proper research and then book the accommodations.

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While you are going through the beautiful place you will come across several destinations that you may want to explore and spend more time at. Just like that in the W circuit, you will be amazed to see the natural beauty that is present all over the trail. The beautiful glaciers and the mountains are unique to your experience and they will last with you for a long time. Here are some things that you see:

1. Grey Glacier

Grey Glacier

This is an iconic glacier that is important to the world. It is the third largest mass of ice present in the world. You can also separately hike to the glacier or even be a part of a kayaking tour. So, choose accordingly and enjoy this place.

2. French Valley

French Valley

This valley is present in the middle stretch of the ‘W’. It is an optional place to visit but we wouldn’t recommend you to leave it. It can be a little challenging because of the slipperiness of the snow but it is worthy of it. The valley is extremely beautiful. Mirador is an attraction at this place.

What to Pack For A Trip To W Circuit

When you are going to a place you need to make yourself ready so that you can reach on time and have everything that you may need. On a hiking tour, it is very important to pack well. So, here we will give you a little list of things that you should carry:

  • Have a pair of sturdy hiking shoes along with a pair of slippers.
  • A few pairs of socks that do not slip easily or retains moisture.
  • Clothes that fit your well and are comfortable. Warm clothes to keep you warm during your hike and also at night.
  • Do pack hats to keep away from the cold as well as the sun.
  • Water bottle and dry foods.
  • Toiletries, first aid kit, and medicines that you will need.
  • Portable USB charger to charge your phone.
  • Take cash as the park doesn’t have ATMs.
  • We recommend you to take trekking poles along with you as you will trek for a long time. Make sure that they are of good quality.
  • Do not compromise your meals as they are your sole source of energy. Do take them on time and eat well throughout the tour.
  • Make sure to be safe while on the trek.
  • Check for any hostel in W Circuit on the internet to book the accommodations in due time.

So, here is everything that you needed to know about the W circuit. We hope that you have a nice time when you decide to take part in this hike as it is extremely beautiful and we are sure that you’ll have one kick-ass international trip!

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4 Absorbing Places To Visit Near Istana Budaya Malaysia For A Perfect Vacay In 2019!

Malaysia is a picturesque destination and is loved by tourists from all parts of the world. It has a lot of amazing places to visit, things to do and is a perfect mix of cultures and traditions which makes it a must-visit destination. It is loved for its beaches, rainforests, mountains, national parks and its lush greenery. If you are a nature lover, then Malaysia is a place meant for you!
Istana Budaya, also known as the Palace of Culture, is Malaysia’s main venue for music theatre, classical concerts and operetta. It is well-known for its architectural style. There are a lot of places near Istana Budaya Malaysia such as Elysium Bar & Terrace Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, The Orchid Conservatory and many more. To help you out, here’s a list of places to visit near Istana Budaya Malaysia.

Did you know that Malaysia is home to the Petronas Twin Towers which are the tallest twin towers in the world. Have a look at the most amazing places to visit near Istana Budaya Malaysia.


This rooftop bar and club is one of the best when it comes to Kuala Lumpur nightlife. Located on the 32nd floor of Wisma Goldhill, this open-air venue offers an amazing panoramic view of the cityscape with great dining options along with imported liquor and a resident DJ churning out funky and soulful tunes. It is one of the most significant nightlife spots in Kuala Lumpur, it features two impeccable venues under one roof.

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Another one of the popular night markets in Kuala Lumpur, The Taman Connaught Night Market is live every Wednesday and has more than 700 hundred stalls selling books, accessories, bags, clothing, and household items. A popular market among the locals for its inexpensive items, this is one place every traveler should visit if they want to enjoy the local feel of the city. Apart from shopping, the market also serves various kinds of food and these Chinese, Fast Food, Ice Creams, and Snacks. It is one of the hottest shopping spots in Kuala Lumpur, you can shop for clothes, handicrafts, paintings and can also have some delectable food here.

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A green and shady stretch of road that directly connects to the Petronas Twin Towers, Ampang is one of the best places to visit when it comes to Kuala Lumpur nightlife. Home to a number of award-winning rooftop bars and posh cocktail lounges, it has several options for all kinds of nightlife experiences. For people wanting a laidback experience, there are amazing rooftop bars to choose from and those who would like to dance the night away can rely on the awesome nightclubs. Also known as Ampang Jaya, it is very famous for its architectural masterpieces.

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The orchids are in full bloom and the conservatory is as romantic as you can imagine it to be. The aura that surrounds the entire place and its vibrant colours are so alluring, that the Orchid Conservatory was destined to become one of the most romantic restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

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Liked the list of places to visit near Istana Budaya Malaysia? If you are visiting Istana Budaya, you should not miss out on these places. You may also have some authentic food here as this area is a food hub. The major tourist attractions here are Kek Lok Si Temple, Batu Caves, Bukit Bintang and Redang. So, what are you thinking about? Go ahead, call your friends and family, and plan your vacation to Malaysia so that you can explore this cosmopolitan country! Things are not worth collecting, collect moments and memories that you can cherish forever. Keep travelling!

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5 Fabulous Things To Do In Gianyar Regency Bali For Your 2019 Vacay!

Bali is one of the most awaited places for travellers like you! It features various beaches, mountains, temples, shopping spots and clubs, and has everything you would want on your vacation. It is a perfect destination for all kinds of holiday whether it be a solo trip, a trip of a group of friends, a family trip or a romantic trip. Bali will never fail to surprise you with the different experiences it offers! If you like adventure then Bali must be a part of your bucket list!
Gianyar is one of the richest regions of Bali in terms of wealth as well as natural beauty. There are many things to do in Gianyar Regency Bali such as enjoying Royal Palace Cultural Night Performances, visiting Ubud Palace, Batik factory and a lot more. Check out the list of things to do in Gianyar Regency Bali.

There is no better place for beach vacations in the world other than Bali. To assist you, here’s a list of the best things to do in Gianyar Regency Bali!

1. Royal Palace Cultural Night Performances


One of the most renowned landmarks in the entire Ubud, the Royal Palace is one place you cannot miss here. Not only the intricate details of the fine architectural work attracts the visitors from far off, but the Legong dance and Ramayana are also something you ought to witness for a deeper insight of the vibrant culture of that Balinese are proud of. If you are visiting Ubud, you should not miss out on Royal Palace Cultural Night Performances. Dances here are also based on Hindu epics like “Ramayana” and that’s why it is popular among Indian Tourists.

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2. Ubud Palace


Famous in several different ways, Ubud palace is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bali in June. Officially known as ‘Puri Saren Agung’, this historical building complex was the residence of the royal family of Ubud. It showcases the art and culture of Bali and is a source of peace and tranquillity. So, visit this place while holidaying there!

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3. Batik Factory


Batik is a traditional form of art that is practised in various parts of Indonesia. This art involves sketching of designs on the fabric which is later painted with melted wax. The art has been declared by UNESCO as a ‘Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. On your visit to Bali in June, you must visit the Batik Factory. At the factory, you will be taken through the various stages, steps, and processes of this ancient art.

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4. Tegalalang Rice Field Hiking, Bali


Tegalalang rice field trek is one of the most scenic Bali hiking trails. The most frequented rice field in Bali, Tegalalang is laid out as a beautiful terraced rice plantation perched on the banks of a hill and surrounded by coconut trees. While on a trek here, one can witness charming scenarios of local farmers working in the hollowed rice fields. It gives you an opportunity to get a glimpse of beautifully contoured rice terraces. You can also see the famous Mount Agung from here on a clear day, footpaths and trails have been made so that you can enjoy the vast landscape while walking.

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5. Explore The Bali Safari & Marine Park


Located one hour drive away from the Ngurah Rai Airport, this is one of the best places to visit in Bali in December. A safari journey through the park would let you witness creatures like owls, warthog, tiger, and more. Apart from wild spotting, the unique animal performances here also makes it a place you mustn’t miss!

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